April 13, 2019


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  • Mpreg
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  • Surrogate
  • Tentacle Sex

Earth Fathers Are Weird

Captain Maxwell Davis and his entire unit scrambled to engage alien ships over Iowa. The aliens snatched him out of his destroyed jet before they continued on their interplanetary hot pursuit. Then they informed Max that Earth was too far outside regular shipping lanes to return him to his planet.

So Max ends up in an alien spaceport looking for work. To afford a ticket home he can either spend three hundred years working with linguists to improve the computer’s questionable ability to translate English or he can take a job as a nanny for an unpopular alien. That way he can afford the ticket in four years. The problem is that the computer may have mistranslated the word “nanny” and there might be a reason an alien is willing to pay such a high fee.

Joyfully Jay

Get ready because I am about to gush! Earth Fathers are Weird is my first Lyn Gala novel, but it will not be my last. I absolutely loved this sci-fi/mpreg/fantasy story. If Max and his humor and determination to make the best of a situation that would have sent any other human being off the deep end does not impress, then those darn alien babies, particularly Xander, will. READ MORE

Boy Meets Boy Reviews

This story is about Max and Rick and how they deal with a massive inability to mutually understand one another and the obvious snafu that results because of it. Slowly though, they learn more and more, they develop some pretty tight bonds, and ultimately, they make a family - and what an adorable family it is. READ MORE

Kimmers' Erotic Book Banter

No one can build a love story between a man and an alien, and have it tug on my heartstrings, quite like Lyn Gala. Her new novel, Earth Fathers Are Weird, is a tender and passionate romance, and it’s chock full of the creative extra-terrestrial stuff she does so well. Don’t even think of calling this tentacle porn (well, maybe just a little…).READ MORE





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