December 17, 2020


  • Aliens
  • Space Opera
  • Alien cultures
  • Tentacles
  • Alien children
  • Sweet Romance

Earth Husbands are Weird

Kilian Kildare is a soldier, fighting the witches and vampires who twist the gift of magic into something dark. However tragedy after tragedy have left him struggling—he's been turned into a vampire, ostracized, and left to grieve alone. An offer to join an elite Army unit should be the answer to prayers he no longer dares to say. Instead, the move brings new dangers, and new pain.

A demon has slipped its leash, killed its summoner, and now hides within a host. The only barrier between the demon and a world unprepared for its pure veil magic is the fragile flesh of a man Kilian had once cared for. The demon is seeking a way to either kill or corrupt Stephen to escape, and Kilian finds himself guarding a man he'd rather save. When Stephen and the Army end up on opposite sides, Kilian has to choose between them, a decision made nearly impossible because he's not sure which side is actually protecting the world, and which may bring about destruction.

Joyfully Jay

In essence, this is a family-style romance. There is a fierce longing from Max and Rick to protect each other and the kids and their love shines throughout this story. With just a little angst and danger, the story follows their attempts to change the minds of other species that are set against them... READ MORE

MI Book Review

Overall this definitely was a worthy sequel. There were good developments both on the external plot and internal romance and character levels. New information and intriguing twists occurred, several of which lay groundwork for more material for future sequels (I hope.) READ MORE




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