Short Story

September 9, 2009


Games in the Dark

Take a walk on the wild side with a serving of kink: restraints, blindfolds, spankings, threesomes, and more—just a taste of danger to whet your appetite. But these games are meant to do more than just tease. While these men are getting a thrill, they're exploring their emotions, making peace with their wants and needs, and sometimes finding love along the way. Through that lens, we can see the truth: it takes trust to play fair. Come with us and play some games in the dark.

My story is Silent Negotiations with Raahi and Michael, two men who don't mind a little adventure and a lot of love.

Paperback and Ebook



  • BDSM
  • Consensual
  • Established relationship
  • m/m (gay)
  • Modern/Contemporary
  • Sweet
Review from Whipped Cream

In this collection of eleven short stories, the world of male domination and submission is brought to life... READ MORE

Coffee Time Romance and More

Raahi and Michael are a wonderful couple who are hot together. It was hot to read the dominate scenes but it was also funny when the truth is revealed... READ MORE

Note: This is a short story anthology, and "Silent Negotiations" is one short story.


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