January 14, 2021


  • Aliens
  • Short stories
  • Liam and Ondry
  • Alien sex
  • Strong submissive

Kensho and Other Short Tales and Tails from the Claiming Universe

Liam and Ondry have a stable relationship. However, the universe continues to move on even when their unconventional romance has settled into a comfortable partnership. Humans and Rownt struggle to find a place of mutual respect and understanding. Assumptions on each side make that difficult. Even the one human who understands the Rownt best--Liam Munson--is endlessly surprised by the corners of Rownt history he can access now that he is tuk-ranked.

From egglings to the Rownt path into space to Rownt opinions on the concept of Kensho, there are more stories to tell, in and out of the nest Liam and Ondry have built together.

Joyfully Jay

If you’ve enjoyed the Claimings books, you’re going to love these stories. It’s as simple as that. And while Kensho offer something of an ending, the author has left the universe open and I very much hope we will get more of Liam and Ondry at some point down the road. Consider this one a must read! READ MORE






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