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Saddled, under the editing process at MLR

John might be a whore, but he had always drawn certain lines in the sand. He would fuck a woman, but not a man. He would whip a man or let a man tie him up, but he would not raise a hand against a woman. And no one topped him. Absolutely no one. He might be a broke fisherman driven to prostitution, but he wasn't desperate. At least, he wasn't until his mother developed cancer and half his siblings are incapable of paying for an experimental treatment. Then certain clients start to look better. Clive Davidson has a difficult job made more difficult by the stupidity of others. His favorite pasttime is pony play, but he doesn't want some tame animal that will eat out of his hand. Clive wants a stallion--a strong man who will fight and show his real passion. And only then can Clive enjoy seduction. Because for him, half the pleasure is sharing it. He just didn't expect to find someone whose kinks fit him quite so well.


Ends, Means, Laws, and an Angry Ship

Command's war against the rebels has ended, but now the aftermath of war has left the crew of The Dragon on the run. Captain Tyce Robinson of the Ribelian transport Dragon has decided to take his crew toward unexplored territory in the hope he can escape the reach of Command. At one point, he was a lieutenant for Earth during the atrocities at Landing, but when he changed sides, he burned all his bridges. So now he hopes to find a bit of unclaimed space where the Dragon can carve out a piece of territory. Only Command has sent Sub-Commander John Burden to hunt him down. John and Tyce were roommates and best friends at the academy, and now they're on opposite sides.

The two men might have been fated to die in a silent battle between their ships, only running for empty space has led them into the territory of an entirely new species--not Rownt or Anla, but something large, technologically advanced, and fond of organic technology. So now the humans who survived an encounter with a massive alien ship must decide whether to battle each other or band together against a potential new threat. And Tyce must decide if John is a Command officer who poses a threat to his freedom or the friend he once left behind after their academy days ended.


The Witness Wore a Puppy Tail

Detective Ken Hoffman has his first real case as a full-fledged detective. The gay bashings don't look too serious to anyone else, but Ken believes that the assaults are only the beginning. In his opinion, the young trio of criminals are on their way to becoming murderers. Unfortunately, the other cops at the precinct believe he has taken his criminal profiling classes too seriously and he's chasing shadows. Ken gets his first real break when a witness sees the latest attack. Unfortunately, it turns out to be the most difficult witness ever.

Robert Millan grew up rich and abused his father's wealth as a way of punishing him for not being around while his mother was dying. Now that he's an adult, he's determined to fix the whole damn world. He's paying his own way through journalism school peddling a unique form of cuddle therapy. Puppy play. He dresses up as a dog and provides all the love with none of the shedding. The police are more likely to see his work as prostitution. But when he sees a crime, he won't let his own embarrassment stop him from speaking out. And if the detective on the case thinks he's going to walk away, the man has another thought coming.



Patreon Exclusives :

Some stories don't have a home in traditional publishing. That doesn't mean I love them less. These stories are partially or completely finished over at Patreon. To read these requires you to pay a fee. Sign up for as long or as little as you want, but please do be respectful and pay at least the base three dollar fee before you leave. These stories will never have the professional editing or covers. They don't have a change to compete on the open market. However, I spent hundreds of hours writing these, so please leave three dollars if you're going to read them. One monthly fee unlocks all the stories.


Kensho, and other short tales and tails from the Claimings universe.

While Liam and Ondry are establishing their own lives, life goes on back at Earth. Liam's brother Luke gets news of Liam's gift. Soldiers try to put their lives back together after the war, and Command begins to shift. These stories are in the Claimings universe, and while either Liam or Ondry may appear, they are not the main focus.

Hercules in Submission

Hercules hated the power the gods had over him, but he understood the world well enough to know his strength would never equal theirs. After all, Hera had tricked him into raising a weapon against his own children. If Zeus had not removed them, Hercules would have slaughtered his whole family. But now how must lie and tell everyone he committed this shameful act in order to keep his family safe. So if the gods order him into slavery, he will go and hope that his willingness to endure would prevent the gods from taking even more drastic actions.

However, Hera is not done playing games with him. While the oracle demanded he perform great labors to clear his sins, Hera whispered in certain ears and encouraged men to indulge in depravities that would bring Hercules to his knees. However, that cagey old goddess didn’t know that Hercules enjoyed perversions. The thick skin that was a gift from his father left Hercules feeling too little, so a whip or a torment was more foreplay. Hercules held that information close to his heart, and with it, he planned to outsmart the goddess herself.





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