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Aberrant Magic 4: Echoes of Deviance

The Talent team is back on the job with Kavon and Darren trying to navigate being lovers and partners in the office and at home. Relationships require negotiation and compromise, but that’s difficult when the cases keep coming.
This time the team is called in when a parole officer dies at the hands of a shaman with a violent past. Local law enforcement doesn’t want federal help, and they certainly don’t want shamans involved when they blame magic for the death of one of their own, but Kavon and Darren have never walked away from a case simply because they’re unpopular. Unfortunately, Kavon’s instinct to protect Darren threatens to drive a wedge between them. Darren must struggle to find his own independence without undermining the bond they share. And there’s no room for mistakes because someone wants to see the team fail on this case.


Expeditions, Estimation, and Other Dangerous Pastimes

Liam and Ondry have finally earned the rank to conduct high-level trades with the Imshee. However, a ship full of Rownt makes for a difficult adjustment for someone new to the Rownt lifestyle. Liam has to accomodate a new human on the Calti--the Grandmother's own palteia--who has his own struggles with fitting into his adopted culture. On top of that, the Imshee bring their own unique perspectives and motivations to the deal, making it difficult for even the most skilled trader to wring concessions out of this ancient species.


Tap-Dancing the Minefields

George “Tank” Tankersley fought what he believed to be demons from his first day of high school. He lost too many friends, but his side defeated the things that went bump in the dark alleys of New York City. Unfortunately, he lost himself. Hoping to escape demonic plots, he joined the Army. Instead of finding a normal life, he landed in the middle of a government conspiracy to hide aliens.
Lev is an engineer, and a damn good one. He’s also a nerd in a world of soldiers. He never expected one emotionally damaged private to change everything. While Lev’s heart warns him to avoid getting involved with someone so young, and his common sense tells him that on-base romance is trouble, he finds himself falling for the young man with sad eyes. In their line of business, love sometimes takes a backseat to saving the world. But if Lev can find a way, he wants both.
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Zeke is back in charge on the Unktomi, the ship Shank and Allie stole in order to rescue him. With the crew healthy and trained, they're ready to head into territories where the war has allowed profiteers to thrive and stripped the law enforcement community of their best officers. Their first case seems like a simple case of spying with a simple cover--a group of bounty hunters going after easy prey. And on the side, they're selling a few illegally goods. Jac certainly fits the part of a rough, poorly educated pirate out to catch a quick bounty. However, they quickly start to realize that not everything is as it appears in this case, and the dirty cops they were sent to find might be hiding in unexpected places.






So... is there a free story or snippet available right now? The Monsters Below. This originally came out as part of one of Dreamspinner's anthologies called Making Contact.







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