Second Verse
Musical Wars: Chapter 7 from Spike's point of view

Spike takes Xander and Ajani to a warehouse so that he can train the two of them, teaching Xander to handle a vampire in a fight and teaching Ajani to set aside his vampire rage to fight with caution and strategy like a master.


Spike guided them to an old warehouse with a side door lying on the cracked concrete. The building was perfect for sparing: level floor, nice open space, low lighting. Spike looked over toward his pet and noticed the squint. Soddin’ human eyesight; it’s surprisin’ the whole race doesn’t die of broken necks from falls considering their pathetic eyesight. Well the boy’s demon was strong enough to compensate if only the boy would cooperate.

“Pet, pull up your vision,” Spike ordered, and his pet looked at him with an amused sort of scorn. 

"Yeah, like that's gonna help," Xander snorted, and suddenly Spike felt his own demon rise to the challenge. He felt an almost overwhelming urge to dominate the boy, to discipline him and show him who the master was in their relationship. Aware that the boy wasn’t as strong as a childe, he limited himself to wrappin’ his fists around the boy’s shirt front and slammin’ him into the concrete, a growl warnin’ his pet that he’d just gone too far.

"Do as you're soddin' told and use your true vision." Almost instantly the boy’s eyes dropped, his body relaxed and submitted, and then the boy looked up at him with the bloody gorgeous eyes of a demon: gold swirled with tiny brown flecks, and Spike opened his fists so that he held Xander back with open palms. 

Bloody beautiful. The small glances made upward with those stunning eyes, the head bent in submission, the body willingly following where he pushed it, so like a bloody obedient childe that Spike had the momentary urge to turn the boy right there and then, but he didn’t. Every vampire who’d ever known him long had rejected him; made fun a him because he preferred to fight somethin’ strong enough ta fight back, meanin’ not generally humans. Oh, it was fun ta rape and kill beside his sire—either of his sires—but left on his own, he wanted somethin’ that would challenge him, let him work off some energy.

Here he had the perfect submission of a childe with the human’s acceptance of this weakness; fact is the human probably preferred it if he didn’t go off rapin’ and killin’ a bunch a pathetic humans. And then there was the human’s body: the bloody glorious heat that made him want to drive into his pet over and over again and the heartbeat that sounded out time in a way he just didn’t any more. He smiled with the thought of some of the games he could teach his pet.

"That's it, pet," he assured the boy, hearing the heartbeat slow down instantly at his words. So responsive. So bleedin’ perfect that he couldn’t believe that some piece of bad luck wasn’t about to snatch happiness from his hand the way it had so many times before. Well this time he was goin’ ta fight ta keep this happiness, and the wanker who touched his perfect boy would find himself missin’ an arm.

He turned to set up the rules of the fight for Ajani, makin’ it clear just how serious he was about protectin’ his pet. Ajani cowered in fear, and Spike smiled at the feelin’ of power and dominance. He’d always hated bein’ youngest in his little family, but now he was the master trainin’ his young followers. Okay, he was trainin’ one a his followers because the other one was wandering around lookin’ at the warehouse in awe. Why he couldn’t quite fathom. Sometimes he wondered if the boy wasn’t as daft as Dru. He growled a warning the way a sire would to a childe and snapped out his words again with a sharp frown. “Ground rules.”

Oh yeah, there came the look again, the dropped head full attention on him look of the boy’s that made him soddin’ randy. When the lad had that expression, it took everythin’ Spike had not to chain him to the bed and keep ‘im there. 

"Pet, you can do your best to dust Ajani. If he's too slow ta protect himself when you've only had one day 'o trainin' with me, he deserves ta die." What in the bleedin’ hell was that look for, Spike wondered as he watched Xander’s eyes open with fright and shock. Not like the boy didn’t fight vampires already; ‘sides, he was here ta make sure his pet was safe. The boy just continued to stare.

“So soddin’ have at it,” Spike finally ordered when he realized that the boy wouldn’t move until ordered. Considering that Ajani had gone into position to attack at the first indication of a fight, it didn’t say much about the boy’s fighin’ instincts that he stood there with his back ta the enemy. Spike sighed at the realization that he would have to do a lot of work ta get the boy up to a level where he could take the boy with him in a fight.

Ajani made the first move, and Spike had to roll his eyes at the younger vampire’s moves. Just like a fledge, he leapt straight in hoping to grab Xander and overpower him with his vampire strength. Of course, that approach worked most of the time and Spike expected it to work this time; it’d just give him a chance ta teach his pet a thing or two about lettin’ down your guard. To his surprise, his pet grabbed Ajani’s arm and moved outside of the vampire’s grasp while shoving the vampire to the side. 

Spike’s demon roared at the perfectly performed maneuver, the same maneuver he’d taught the boy, but he hadn’t expected Xander to remember it or do it so well. His pet’s control made him adjust his jeans as his cock reacted to the sight of such strength and grace. Boy followed with a rather unique move, a quick duck and the boy’s elbow rammed Ajani’s kidney’s so hard that he could hear Ajani give a little pained huff of breath. Boy musta been braced for a counter attack because Ajani’s retreat sent the boy to his knee with a fairly loud crack. 

Spike pushed off from the wall ready to step in and protect his boy, but Xander fell right into attack position just as he’d taught ‘im. Spike groaned at the sight of such a beautiful pet. Angelus had kept a human or two around after Spike joined the family; usually Dru ended up drainin’ them, but he’d seen enough ta know how lucky he was with his boy. Angelus’ pets had been dirty creatures that cowered in corners and trembled at the sight their master, not that he blamed them considering what Angelus had done to them. Death must have been a relief. However, not a one had shown the personality, the strength or the sheer beauty of his pet. Spike adjusted his jeans again and resolved to keep his pet as far from Angel as possible.

True, he didn’t really know the souled version of his sire, but Angelus had taken everyone and everythin’ he’d ever valued. He’s been forced ta sit in the corner and watch as Angelus had pounded into Dru while Dru begged for more. And the whole time Angelus would tell him how he was worthless, weak, incapable of protectin’ himself or his possessions. Well this was one possession Spike would bloody well not give up, ever. Eventually he’d turn Xander, and he’d miss his pet’s perfection, that human body showing the grace and viciousness in a fight to make a demon proud. But he’d never let anythin’, includin’ age, take his pet. And if Angelus came round, he’d just have to find the strength ta stake his soddin’ sire once and for all. Angel’d done it ta Darla after all.

Ajani obviously learned his lesson because Spike watched the younger vampire circle, and he grinned as he realized that Xander was hiding his injury, trying to take a strong stance while protectin’ his injured leg. Bloody beautiful. His demon appreciated that insistence on showin’ strength, appreciated enough that Spike was startin’ ta consider possible places to have a quick shag right in the warehouse. He didn’t know if he could walk home with his cock takin’ so much notice of his pet.

Ajani had obviously spotted the injury now, and Spike considered stepping in, but his boy covered well enough. Ajani forced him back on the injured knee, but Xander simply shifted his stance, keeping Ajani from making any effective attacks through small blocks and quick shifts that kept Xander off to Ajani’s side, just like he’d taught his boy. Spike wondered if his pet would take to a sword just as well as to the hand-to-hand combat ‘cause the thought of Xander swingin’ a sword make his bollocks ache with need. 

Ajani lost patience and snatched at his boy, no doubt expectin’ the injury ta slow the boy down. Instead Xander thrust his knife in without hesitation, and the smell of blood in the air made Spike growl in pleasure. If his boy had been a vampire he’d a thrown him down and slammed into him right there, but he couldn’t do that without soddin’ well ruinin’ the boy, so he’d wait til they got to their lair and the bed. But if he didn’t work off some energy, he’d bloody well ruin the boy with his demon’s desire to take and claim and enjoy the sort of sex that only vampires can physically survive. 

When Xander went for Ajani, Spike knew the fight was over. Boy didn’t have much choice—his opponent knew he’d been injured, so he had to take Ajani down or get taken out as Ajani continued to slowly wear him down. But Spike also knew that Xander didn’t have the speed or the two good legs required to pull off such an attack, and as he expected, Xander was driven back onto the floor. 

The next few seconds surprised Spike so much that he didn’t even have time to react immediately. Xander growled and snarled like a fledge as he came bursting up off the floor and charged Ajani. The knife clattered to the ground as Xander attacked with the same sort of mindless attempt to overpower his enemy that Ajani had first used on him. Of course, Ajani didn’t handle the move nearly as well as Xander had. Ajani went into game face and charged back, the two of them snatching at each other with bare hands.

“Stop it,” Spike roared in his sire’s voice, and both fighters flew away from each other and crouched on the ground, perfect mirrors of each other. Bloody hell, wot’s this then? Spike considered the strange reaction as he went over, retrieved the knife and then crouched down to soothe his pet. Xander’s heart beat much faster than a human’s heart really should, and he still stared at Ajani and growled the guttural warning growl of an agitated vampire. 

"Pet, ya need ta calm down," he soothed his boy, stroking the thick, soft hair even as he thought about how much he wanted to pound into the hot perfection: the racing heart, the demon eyes, the smolderin heat of the body, the deep growl of a demon. Oh bloody hell, he had found perfect beauty, and he soddin’ well wouldn’t bollocks this up with his own raging hormonal demon; time ta beat a lesson or two into Ajani and get out some of his aggression on the other vampire instead a hurtin’ his pet. No, he wasn’t ever goin’ ta hurt his pet because he knew he’d never find such beauty again.

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