Bespelled, Besotted



Used to having things go wrong, Xander let instinct drive him to the library. As far as he knew, nothing big or bad was around, but the feeling wouldn’t let him rest. The school was unnaturally quiet. Xander had gotten used to school nights being filled with vampires and baddies and demons of every sort, so the silence made the hair on the back of his neck stand up. The library lights were on, and Xander pushed the door open slowly, prepared for something slimy to jump out at him. Nothing.

Well, almost nothing. Xander heard something shuffling in Giles’ office.

“Giles?” Xander called. The sense of need was growing stronger, and now Xander could feel an odd fullness in his cock. He wasn’t hard. Not yet. But he could feel the need to touch himself, and he really hoped he didn’t find Giles in his office right before losing his fight against this rising tide of need that made him want to shove his hand down his pants and start jerking off. That would be embarrassing.

“Giles?” he called again. The rustling in the office stopped, and Xander could swear he heard a squeak. A familiar squeak. “Willow?” he called. That sounded like Willow’s embarrassed noise—the one she made when she was so mortified that the air slipped out before she could stop it.

“Xander?” Willow sounded unsure, but the voice was music across Xander’s soul. Her voice had always filled him with a sense of warmth and family and love, but now that was overshadowed by the raw need that immediately flowed through him.

He crossed the library quickly, his eyes on the open office door as he searched for his first glimpse of Willow. He needed to see her—needed it like oxygen.

Xander shook his head, certain that something was wrong. So wrong, but it was the good kind of wrong, the kind of wrong that made him jerk off in the bathroom. He came around so he could see into the open door, and Willow’s milk-pale skin made him stop as he blinked in wonder. Willow. Naked. Beautiful naked Willow. He should go somewhere. Somewhere else, where he could grab his cock before it exploded with need, only looking at Willow's gentle curves, the angle of her back as it moved into a nicely rounded ass, he couldn't move.

"Xander?" she asked softly, her head tilted to one side, and Xander took a step closer.

"Mine," a voice growled, and for the first time, the large hand resting on Willow's bare stomach came into focus. Angel. Angel was here, his fingertips brushing the edge of her patch of curled pubic hair.

"Hey, play nice," Willow said, her voice shocked.

"I dunna play nice," Angel said in an accent that set off bells in Xander's head, but he couldn't focus on why. Willow was here, the scent of her musk making Xander feel dizzy with need.

"If you don't play nice, you can't play at all," Willow warned. "Oh, goddess. What am I saying? I should fix this. I should totally fix this. I can fix this."

Xander watched Willow pant as Angel's fingers slipped between the lips of her pussy. He edged closer. Angel was dangerous, but that just added a darker note to his bright need for Willow. Xander licked his lips, but he couldn’t find any moisture in his mouth. He closed the distance between them, reaching out to brush his fingers over the back of Willow’s hand. Willow made a little gasping noise and the sound seemed to jerk Xander closer. He reached out, his one hand sliding over Willow’s back, exploring the line of her spine, but something caught his other hand. Strong fingers closed around his wrist.

Blinking his way the fog that wrapped around his thoughts, Xander noted that Angel had his hand. Angel was looking at him curiously, eyes yellowed.

“Now, mister. You will not hurt one hair on Xander’s head, understand?” Willow demanded, and her voice slid through the fog like a bright light. Only, did light slide? The fog crowded in on Xander again, and the only sliding he cared about was the slide of soft flesh against soft flesh as he ran his hand up to Willow’s shoulder. Her hands came up to his chest, and then she was pressing close, her breasts pressed against his chest.

Xander swallowed, hungry to touch but unable, somehow, to move his one hand away from her back. His other hand was still held tightly as Angel stood at Willow’s side, his free hand tangled in Willow’s hair. Studying the way Willow’s hair spilled over Angel’s large fingers, Xander leaned closer. The scent of Willow’s lavender shampoo filled his senses. He could almost taste it. Placing a kiss against that cool, slick hair, Xander reveled in the contrast—Willow’s smooth hair and Angel’s rough knuckles. He kissed them again, the feeling against his lips as intoxicating as Willow’s smell.

“Angel!” Willow squealed, and Xander looked down to see Angel’s fingers vanishing into Willow’s body. Angel had a smug expression as he looked up from kissing Willow’s shoulder as she turned toward him, her body writhing against Angel’s large frame. His large naked frame. Oh… Angel was naked and Willow was naked and Xander’s brain was running a little slow because it only now figured out what that probably meant.

“Jealous boy?” Angel asked.

For a second, Xander only blinked, struggling to put the pieces of reality together. He’d feel out of place, only Willow clung to his shoulder. She wanted him. She needed him, even if she also held Angel’s shoulder like she might fall down without his support, too. Angel was rocking slowly forward and back like a slightly drunk teenager.

“Well, boy?” Angel demanded. “Should I do this to you, put my fingers up inside you until you twist with pleasure?” Angel purred the words, and that sense of dangerous returned, the sharp edge of it slicing through the fog and making Xander groan with an all-consuming and vivid need.

“I don’t have a pussy for you to do that to,” Xander said as he finally found the flaw in Angel’s logic.

“Sure ye do, boyo,” Angel said. Reaching around Willow, he slipped a hand down the back of Xander’s pants, pulling Xander closer. Both Willow’s arms went around Angel as she was squished in the middle.

She started giggling. “Willow sandwich, only Willow sand witch.” She laughed again as she interlocked her fingers around Angel’s neck so she clung to him. Angel was distracted, his attention only for Willow as he leaned closer and pressed his lips against hers. Xander pressed himself to Willow’s back, his hands exploring the curve of her hip and sliding closer to her hidden treasure, stopping when he felt the curled hair. He wanted more. He wanted so much more.

Taking a step back, Xander stripped off his shirt and tossed it to one side, toeing off his shoes as his hands found Willow’s waist again. He should be embarrassed, but the heat of his own skin was burning him until he didn’t care about anything but getting naked.

“Xander?” Willow called him, and Xander came around to her side. One of her hands came around his neck, and then he was kissing her. This was familiar, the hot lips and the smell of Willow. The alarms in the back of his head were a distant and constant noise that he ignored quite easily as fingers worked his belt. Big fingers. While Willow slowly turned until she was pressed against his front, Angel loomed behind Xander, slowly pressing closer and closer until they had a Xander sandwich. Xander squirmed with need, confused about what was pressing against his ass until Angel shifted to the side again, his darkening cock between Xander and Willow as Angel got a hand around each of their waists.

“We should take this somewhere comfortable,” he said as he guided them both out of the office. Xander wasn’t really paying attention to the words or the fact that Angel was pushing him. He went without complaint because he was really busy looking from Angel’s hard cock, jutting out obscenely and then Willow’s two perfectly formed breasts with their dark nipples. Her right breast was just a little more full than her left, and Xander reached out to cup it in his hand, just to make sure.

Willow caught his hand and pressed it onto her breast harder, gasping as she did so. Angel swung around, pinning Xander with a look that Xander couldn’t understand, and then Angel’s hand curled around Xander’s neck pulling him in, and Angel’s lips were on his—crushing and demanding. Xander gasped, his lips parting for just a second, and Angel’s tongue pressed inside.

“Oh yes. Yes,” Willow gasped, and Xander rocked as she thrust against his leg over and over. When Angel finally released him, Xander’s lips were bruised and he looked to see Willow rubbing herself on him, her legs straddling his hip as she rubbed her clit against his thigh.

“Couch. Now,” Angel ordered, and Xander found his limbs moving before he’d given them permission. He sat on one side of the couch, but then Angel reached down and pulled the seat of the couch out into a bed, and Xander just about went flying. He would have hit the wall, only Angel caught him around the waist and tossed him back onto the now-open bed.

Willow scrambled onto the bed after him, her eyes unnaturally dark as she reached for him, pulling Xander’s pants off faster than Xander could even understand what was going on. He might have been embarrassed about the Tweety bird underwear; however, it landed in a pile in the corner before he could bother. Willow’s hand found his cock, and Xander thrust into it twice before he came over her hand.

“Oh god. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean—” The blinding moment of pleasure faded to humiliation when he realized he’d splattered his come across Willow’s pale hand, creating white freckled and streaks contrasting against her naturally dark ones. Xander stopped when Willow brought her hand up to her mouth and sucked at her cum-splattered knuckle. A whole-body shiver ran down Xander’s spine.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” Angel asked, his voice honey-thick.

Xander had pretty much already come to that conclusion. He reached up and cupped Willow’s cheek, loving the feeling of her pressing into him.

“Tsk, tsk. You’ve had your turn,” Angel scolded him, and some fuzzy little voice in the back of Xander’s head suggested that something was wrong, but he couldn’t figure out what. Angel’s large hands were on Xander’s hips, pulling him closer to the edge of the bed before taking a moment to stroke up and down Xander’s bare thigh. Touch. Xander liked touch. Loved it. Leaning down, Angel chuckled near Xander’s ear, the puffs of air tickling the small hairs at the back of Xander’s neck. “I can smell you, boy.”

Xander opened his mouth, and a large thumb slipped inside. Startled, for a second Xander didn’t do anything, but Willow wiggled closer, watching him with these wide expectant eyes. When Xander started to suck, he could almost see Willow’s pupils widen, the black of them swallowing the color. Her mouth came open, and Xander studied the curve of her lip. Why had he never noticed just how beautiful Willow’s lips were, all red and rounded and puffy from kissing. Xander blinked. He hadn’t kissed Willow. He stopped sucking at Angel’s finger long enouch to complain.

“You started without me,” Xander said, mildly hurt.

“We’ll include you this time. Promise,” Willow soothed him. “Won’t we?” Willow looked over Xander’s shoulder, and Xander twisted around to look up at Angel.

“That we will,” Angel agreed, and then he was crawling over Xander’s body, his hard strength and huge cock touching in ways that Xander did not normally touch guys. It was like wrestling, only naked… at school. It was like his worst nightmare and his best wet dream got together and had a love-child, and this moment was that child. Angel pressed on Xander’s shoulder, forcing him onto his stomach, but that was okay because now he was one inch closer to Willow. Anything that put him closer to Willow as good. Angel had almost gotten over Xander, only one of his legs was firmly planted in the crack of Xander’s ass, pinning him to the bed. However, Angel didn’t try to move it. He reached over and wrapped an arm around Willow’s waist, tugging her closer so that he could run large hands over Willow’s body.

Now Willow was pressed up against Xander’s side, and the heat began gathering in the pit of Xander’s stomach again, and somehow, Angel pinning them both to the bed as easily as a mother cat held a kitten, it was just making everything all the brighter and making his head spin.

Willow bridled under his touch, those beautifully firm breasts with their dark nipples rising with each breath. “You’re a beautiful woman. My Willow. Isn’t our Willow beautiful?” Angel pressed down on his knee so that Xander was pressed deep into the cheap mattress.

Xander’s cock twitched. “Yes,” he answered truthfully. “Can I touch?” Xander looked from Willow to Angel, waiting for permission from one of them.

Reaching out, Willow caught his hand and brought it to her stomach.

“Have you ever touched a woman’s pussy, Xander?” Angel whispered. Xander froze, his eyes going to Willow for the obligatory correction, the lecture on femininity and feminism and oppression, but her eyes were half closed as she tilted her head back. Instead of giving any lecture, she caught his wrist and pushed his hand farther down. Xander’s fingers skimmed over her belly button and the rough curls of her public hair, and then he could feel the slick skin and moisture hidden between two lips.

“That’s right. Feel her. Let your fingers explore,” Angel urged him. Xander swallowed, his stomach fluttering as he pressed down until his fingers slid easily down a tight hole. Xander’s fingers slipped into the slicked heat while Angel gently kissed the skin just under Xander’s ear, sucking at the sensitive skin. Xander wiggled, his own need rising, and as he did, he tensed his fingers inside Willow.

“Oh yes. Yes. Please, yes,” Willow gasped as her fingernails dug into his wrist and her legs tightened around his hand. “Yes.” Thrusting her hips up, Willow demanded more.

“Tell her she’s beautiful,” Angel ordered, the voice quietly demanding.

“Oh God, Will, you are. You’re beautiful. You’re the most beautiful woman in the world,” Xander hurried to obey. She was. Her red hair spread out over the pillow, and Xander found himself fascinated by it. Then Angel reached down and fisted Xander’s hair, forcing his face toward the pillow so that Xander’s neck arched. Angel’s cool tongue traced the path of the spine under his skin, and now Xander’s cock made a valiant effort to harden.

“Make Xander feel good,” Willow was whispering. “Make him love us.”

“I will, my sweet. Watch how he writhes like a whore under our hands,” Angel promised. Xander might have complained about being called a whore, but he was too busy trying to hump the sheets and struggling against the hands that held him down and pressing his fingers deep into Willow’s pussy. Willow squealed, and Xander thought he hurt her, but then she was calling out.

“Harder. Do it harder. Oh goddess. Yes… more.”

Xander bucked when sharp pinpricks caught him on either side of his neck, right on the back of it on both sides of his spine, and then the pain turned to something like desire only darker and deeper. Xander fought, pulled at his hand inside Willow’s body, and she screamed, her legs tightening around his hand even more.

The pressure grew in Xander’s neck, making his cock harden and demand release, only before Xander could reach climax, the growing pressure stopped, and Angel was kissing the back of his neck. “Obey your queen, Xander. Do it harder. Bend your fingers until you feel her tighten around you.” Angel’s whispered words cooled Xander’s damp neck, and he shivered even as he obeyed. He bent his fingers, and Willow screamed again, panting loudly between her loud cries.

“More. Please, more,” Willow begged, and Xander tried, but then Angel’s fingers wrapped around his wrist, forcing him to pull his hand out. His fingers were slicked and shiny with Willow’s juices, and Xander wondered how they would taste. He watched his own fingers as Angel forced him to let go of Willow before he shifted over to kneel between her legs.

Angel’s hard cock lined up against Willow’s pussy as she lifted her hips, and with one hard thrust, Angel was inside, slamming so hard that skin slapped against skin. Willow’s eyes and mouth went wide, her hands flew up to brace herself on the back of the couch as Angel’s thrusts pressed her up the bed. Angel pulled back and slammed in again, and Willow screamed, her back arching and her whole body trembling. Without thinking, Xander brought his fingers up to his mouth and sucked at the slightly salty warmth that was Willow. It was like the mildest, most delicious fish he’d ever tasted, and he slid a second finger inside, sucking at them as Angel pounded into Willow over and over.

Willow screamed, her loudest yet, and from the jerking Xander thought she was coming, but Angel just kept hammering into her and she kept on writhing and screaming, like the world’s longest orgasm. Xander’s cock ached madly, and then Angel was looking over at him.

“This is what a woman wants, boyo. You keep her coming, boy. You hear me?”

Xander nodded dumbly. He’d pretty much nod at anything at this point because he didn’t have any brain cells left. However, his answer must have been right, because Angel smiled. Then, with a final thrust, he came with a grunt and a few uncoordinated jerks that just made Willow moan even more.

“Don’t let her come down off her high. Get in here,” Angel pulled out, and Xander couldn’t quite understand what was going on until Angel lifted him like a doll and dropped him between Willow’s knees. As much as Xander’s cock was hard enough to break, he was stunned into stillness.

“Xander,” Willow begged, her legs coming up and wrapping around him, and then Angel was behind him, Angel’s hand on his cock helping to line him up with Willow’s hole and physically pressing him forward. Not sure what to do with his hands, Xander reached down and splayed his fingers against Willow’s stomach, reverently exploring every inch as Angel pressed closer until Xander’s cock slid into Willow’s slick hole. “Xander,” Willow repeated, but this time, her voice was breathy soft.

Hands at Xander’s hips pulled him out, and Willow mewled as they lost contact. Xander reached for her, desperate to hold onto this new bright Willow he’d found—the one that made his body come to life and every nerve sing, but then Angel thrust him forward again, and Xander fell forward, his hands landing on either side of Willow’s head.

“Good boy,” Angel praised him, and then Willow had her arms around Xander’s shoulders, pulling him down and kissing him hard. Xander kissed her back, their tongues dueling as something hot and wet pressed against his asshole. But Willow was under him, warm and wiggling and happy. And they were busy kissing, devouring each other, and his cock was buried deep inside her warmth, so Xander didn’t have any brain cells left to worry about the fingers currently working their way into his ass, stretching until his muscles burned.

Willow finally broke off the kiss, pressing her head back into the pillow and gasping for air, and then Xander became distantly aware of something bigger than a finger pressing against his hole.


“Shhhh, boy. I’m just helping you find your pussy,” Angel soothed him, and some distant part of Xander objected that he shouldn't find comfort in those words, but he did. His whole body was pressed up against Willow, his cock inside her, and nothing could make that less than perfect.

“Relax, Xander,” Willow said, and she sounded almost drunk. “Tell me that you love me.”

“I love you,” Xander agreed. He did. He’d always loved her, but now this all-consuming Romeo-and-Juliet love blossomed until he could barely even breathe. Of course that might also have been the pain from Angel’s cock slowly working its way inside Xander’s body. Xander panted as he tried to do as Willow told him and relax, but it wasn’t easy.

“Good boy.” Angel’s hands caressed his back, and Xander found himself finally calming as the touch soothed his jangled nerves. “Good boy,” Angel repeated, and then Angel was pressed up against Xander’s ass, his cock all the way inside, and Xander squirmed as a new pressure started building.

“Let me, boy,” Angel ordered, and Xander didn’t understand what he meant until Angel took Xander’s hips and pulled him back until only the head of Xander’s cock was inside Willow. She looked up at him with eyes dark with lust, and Xander gasped as Angel stopped Xander’s movement and then pulled his own cock half way out of Xander. The one long motion was strange to say the least.

Then Angel thrust hard into Xander, and used the momentum of that to slam Xander into Willow. Two things happened: Willow screamed, and Xander’s cock got so hard that Xander thought it would explode if he didn’t get to come at that very moment. The problem was that he had just come minutes earlier, and now he was caught between overwhelming desire and physical inability.

Angel repeated the motion, pulling Xander back before partially withdrawing his own cock and then he thrust back in. As soon as Xander understood what Angel wanted and surrendered to those impossibly strong hands manipulating him, Angel picked up the pace, fucking them faster and faster. Willow’s mouth was constantly open in a silent scream at this point, her legs wrapped around them both, and Xander could only brace his hands on the bed, caught between these two powerful lovers. The need grew until Xander couldn’t help but fight, thrashing as he tried to find the perfect pace of thrusting down and pushing back to spear himself on Angel’s cock. He fought toward his own orgasm, and Willow was now as tight as violin strings, her fingers digging into Xander’s arms as Angel chuckled.

The orgasm that finally ripped through Xander felt like such an accomplishment that he nearly collapsed, his breath spent, but Angel continued his own thrusting even though Xander was fully inside Willow and already softening.

“Such a good boy,” Angel said as he slowly settled down, his cock completely filling Xander. “And such a beautiful woman.” Angel leaned down and Willow wiggled around until she could raise her head enough to kiss Angel. Xander watched, weary enough that he could only blink as their kiss deepened. They were probably crushing Willow, but she didn’t seem to mind. Her hand went up and caught Angel by the back of the neck, holding him in place as they kissed. Finally, her hand fell away, and Angel raised his head.

“Tell me you love me,” Willow asked.

“I do, a choi. I will always love you.”

Something warm and sticky seemed to flow over Xander’s exposed skin, but he could barely even keep his eyes open much less form coherent thoughts. Angel pulled on Xander’s hips, and then they slid down to the side, Willow curled up against Xander’s stomach and Angel’s cock still inside Xander, but then Xander’s leg was over Willow, holding his legs open so it was comfortable enough that Xander didn’t care.

“Tell me you love both of us,” Willow said, pressing herself to Xander’s front and cupping his cheek in her hand.

There was a slight pause, before Angel agreed, “ I do love both of you. I’ll cherish you—protect you so much more than I did William and Drusilla.”

Willow sighed. “I love you two. Both of you. My dark knight in shining armor and my best friend with his big squishy center. Willow shifted around, and Xander used his leg over her body to pull her closer. She sighed.

“Xander, do you love Angel?” Willow asked. Xander lay with his eyes closed, struggling to even decipher the meaning of the words. He kinda liked Angel’s cock up his ass. He liked that Angel showed him what to do because he’d definitely been clue-free about sex before today. But some distant pressure kept him from uttering those words, it was like feeling a storm front you couldn’t see yet.

“Xander, tell me you love Angel,” Willow said.

The storm front evaporated, and Xander agreed sleepily, “I love Angel.” The three of them shifted in the uncomfortable bed, seeking to press themselves against each other until they were one untieable knot of human limbs.



Light danced across Xander’s eyes, and he groaned at the coming of morning. He was laying on something uncomfortable, and he wondered for a moment if he’d tried sleeping with his textbook again. He’d tried that once after a teacher made a comment about learning through osmosis, but it hadn’t worked out all that well. Xander shifted, and then froze as the uncomfortable thing in his bed shifted with him.

Xander’s eyes flew open, and Willow was there with her nicely round breasts and dark nipples and red hair spread out over the pillow. They were on the pullout bed in the library, and it smelled vaguely of dog and dust.

Slowly, Willow blinked her eyes open and slowly smiled, bringing those delicate fingers up to his chest. “Mmmm, good dream,” she murmured. A dream would explain a lot, Xander realized as pieces of last night started slowly solidifying in the dim light that filtered in through the window. The body behind him shifted and reclaimed his arm, pulling it out from under Xander, and Xander realized that the other one-third of the dream was equally real. Angel grunted and the whole bed shifted as he sat up, but he put a hand on Xander’s bare hip and left it there as Willow watched silently.

“Oh, it’s that dream. I like that dream,” Willow said, but then she frowned. “And why is that dream still dreamlike because I should be waking up right about now. She squirmed a bit, and Xander realized he had his hand on her side. He pulled it away as Willow pinched herself. “Ouch!”

Immediately, Willow sat up, her eyes huge as she looked around the room in a panic. “Oh goddess. Oh no. Oh goddess. What did we do?”

“Had sex,” Angel answered. He was looking a little flustered and he had bedhead. Xander hadn’t pegged Angel as a bedhead sufferer, but he definitely was. Seriously was. And Xander realized he was still lying naked between these two people sitting on the bed.

“Gah!” He just about fell over himself as he scrambled for the end of the bed.

“It wasn’t like you didn’t enjoy yourself mister!” Willow snapped. “I’m the one who should be with the ‘gah.’ What if I’m pregnant?” The minute the words were out, she went ghostly pale, and Xander just froze. Oh shit. Shit and shit. His father had given him this speech about a million times, and Xander had just had unprotected sex with not one but two people. And one of the people wasn’t even a people.

“We need to just be calm,” Angel said.

“Calm?” Xander was about to tell Angel just where he could put his calm, but Willow interrupted.

“Okay, no being mean to each other. Absolutely no being mean to each other, especially not before we figure out what happened.”

Xander opened his mouth to point out that he could be as mean as he wanted, but then it occurred to him that Angel had like two hundred years of sexual experience and getting stuck having to show someone how to even thrust probably wasn’t his idea of a good time, either. Yep, this was just general all-round suckage.

“I’ll find our clothing,” Angel offered as he got out of the bed. The first clothes he came across were Xander’s and he tossed them over without even commenting on the cartoon underwear as he headed for Giles’ office looking for more. Angel might have bedhead, but he clearly didn’t mind pracing around naked, which made sense given his body. Xander, however, scrambled into his clothing.

“The last thing I remember was thinking something felt wrong and coming here to check it out. You?” Xander asked Willow. She shook her head as though trying to clear cobwebs and then Angel was back with an armful of wrinkled clothing. Xander was just lucky he wore polyester or he’d look as rough as they did. Angel solved that by fading back into the shadows near the stacks.

“I was trying to find a friendship spell. Things have been so weird with you sort of pulling away,” Willow turned to Xander, and Xander’s stomach dropped. Cordelia. Well, that was even more suckage because no way could he keep closet surfing with Cordelia after having sex with someone else… or two someone elses.

“And?” Angel prompted Willow.

“And you were ignoring Buffy with the whole ‘I’m a vampire, you shouldn’t love me’ thing and I thought I could find something to help us see each other more clearly. I was going through spells, and all of a sudden I started feeling funny.” Willow pinked up, so Xander could guess what kind of funny she meant. Pulling her shirt over her head, she fell silent.

“You didn’t cast any spells?” Angel asked.

Willow shook her head. “No. I wouldn’t have done that without asking Giles or at least checking the origins of the spell.”

“Checking the origins of what spell?” Giles asked.

“Gah!” Xander tried to spin around and got his right foot caught in his left leg and went down like a sack of potatoes.

“Xander!” Willow cried out, and Xander noticed that Angel took several steps toward them, his bedhead and wrinkled clothing forgotten as he looked at Xander in alarm.

“I’m fine. I’m okay. Well, not okay exactly because I clearly have a problem with my ability to walk, but that’s kinda not new,” Xander promised them as he sat up and rubbed a sore elbow. His eyes got wide as the pressure on his ass reminded him that other parts were equally sore.

“Willow, did you sleep here?” Giles asked. “Did something happen?” He looked around the library, and only now did Xander realize they’d left the bed open and Willow definitely looked like she’d slept in her clothes, which was ironic since she hadn’t. She’d slept, but her clothes definitely had been in the other room at the time.

“Um… yeah?” Willow said guiltily.

Angel had retreated to the shadows again. “She was telling us that she had been reading spells, looking for something specific,” Angel said. Giles glanced over toward the shadows, his normal unhappy whenever Angel showed up making itself pretty clearly known before he turned toward his office.

“What spell were you looking for… exactly?” Giles demanded, all teacher-voice and disapproval, he came out of his office with a large open volume in his hands.

“I just wanted something to make it easier for all of us because we’re drifting apart and fighting, but I didn’t cast anything. Promise.” Willow had her honest face on, so Xander believed her. From the looks of it, Giles did too.

“You didn’t cast any of these?”

Willow shook her head. “No. I was just reading. If I’d found something, I would have brought it to you because I know I’m not much above candle lighting and spoon floating here. But I can float a mean spoon,” she said fiercely. That was his Willow. Whether it was algebra or spoon floating, she was always proud of her accomplishments.

Giles flipped a few pages ahead and then back. “Thank god. Willow, these are very dangerous spells. Some of these are cast simply by reading them out loud.” Giles was busy flipping through the book, so he didn’t see Willow turn ghastly white. That was not a good sign. “Why this spell a few pages farther into the book, this is one of the most powerful binding spells known to the watchers. When warring tribes or individuals need to be forced into a truce, this creates an uncontrollable lust and mating spell,” Giles said.

Xander felt his whole world shift under him. Oh shit. That so did not sound good. He glanced over at Willow whose eyes were large and Angel who had retreated farther into the shadows. Okay, maybe that didn’t sound all bad exactly. It should sound bad, but if they were mated that was like married and married people took care of each other and had sex… as long as the married people in question weren’t Tony and Jessica Harris, that is. And being married to Willow and Angel was definitely not inspiring the fear and loathing Xander had expected.

“Of course, even had you attempted it, no harm would have come. At sunrise, the magic dissipates as long as no one has consummated a relationship. Now that would have been a real problem.” Giles shook his head and closed the book firmly. “This needs to go into the locked collection, I think.”

“Oh. Yeah, it does,” Willow said softly. She looked around, and Xander caught her eye. He waited for the denial for the moment of pure horror, for the realization that by sleeping with him, she was stuck with him. Just because he wanted her didn’t mean that was mutual. His guts turned to rock as he waited for her to deny him or for Angel to deny him. He deserved it.

“Not that there was anything wrong with last night,” Willow said. “Nope, last night was good. Totally good.” She smiled first at Xander and then Angel.

“What?” Giles looked at her over the book, the first hints of alarm in his voice.

“It’s good that nothing bad happened,” Willow explained brightly. “The lack of bad is good.”

“Oh. Yes, quite so.” Giles didn’t look entirely convinced, but Willow smiled at him.

“We should go because I’m sure you have lots of librarian work to do, and Xander and I have classes and Angel was going to head back to his mansion, oh, and I meant to tell you, Giles. Angel offered to tutor us in Sumerian, or me rather since I’m better at it, but I think Xander needs tutoring too because you can never have too many people who know Sumerian around.”

“I doubt that Angel wants—” Giles started to say, but Angel cut him off.

“It’s fine. I expect both of them at the mansion by seven,” Angel said. Turning, he headed for his sewer exit without another word, but Xander could have sworn he saw Angel smile.

Giles shook his head again. “He gets odder every passing moment. I do wish you would spend less time around him or at the very least, keep in mind that he’s a vampire.”

“Vampire. Odd. Check,” Xander agreed. After last night, he wasn’t going to forget any time soon. He headed for the door.

“Xander,” Giles called out.


“Did you pull a muscle on patrol? You’re walking quite strangely.”

Xander felt his face warm up, and he turned away before Giles could see it. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Willow’s mouth opening and closing, but then she was walking funny too. They definitely needed an excuse other than Angel’s freakishly large cock. “I must have. Catch you later, G-man,” Xander said as he escaped the library, his hand on Willow’s back to hurry her out.

Behind them, Giles mused, “Everyone at this bloody school is quite odd.”

Xander couldn’t agree more.

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