Brian and the Frat Boys
Rated Very, Very ADULT


Brian fidgeted nervously in front of the 27 members of Zeta Zeta Psi. If he blew this, his father was never going to speak to him again, and if any of these preppy boys found out about his juvenile record for boosting cars or his sexual proclivities, he was never getting in. The other two pledges stood at attention to his right, fidgeting, but Brian held himself still as he just waited for tonight's hazing. As long as he didn't have to eat more raw eggs with cayenne pepper, he'd survive.

"So, little piggies, what should we do to you today?" Tony asked before downing nearly half a beer as he sprawled across half the couch in the frat house's basement. As the oldest senior, Tony was the undisputed king of the frat, and with his square jaw and stylishly messy hair, he looked it.

Chad belched. "One should go get me another beer," he suggested, and Tony waved a hand imperiously. Before Brian could act, one of the other pledges went scurrying off, and Brian cursed himself for missing a prime chance to get out of the line of fire. It was funny, he wanted to be a cop. He was majoring in criminalistics, but a group of drunk college students were freaking him out more than juvenile hall or criminals. Of course the guys in juvenile hall were less likely to smack him around for getting aroused, and having 27 men all holding power over him, Brian was having more and more trouble controlling his arousal.

"Strip," Tony ordered in a bored voice. The other pledge, Zeke, got back with Chad's beer just in time to hear the order, and he hesitated in the door to the basement rec room, his eyes big and his face a map of panic.

Brian traded looks with the pledge next to him, a pudgy boy named Jamie who had about a snowball's chance of hell of getting into the frat.

Jamie was already shaking his head. "Hazing is against the university rules. I'll tell the dean," he said in a shaky voice. Brian just waited and watched.

A couple of the guys laughed. Tony smiled, that friendly smile that made you want to forget that this man had the morals of a whore. "What hazing? I just pointed out that it's warm in here and you should take off your clothes to get more comfortable. I swear. Some people who don't get into frats just whine about it. It's pathetic," Tony said before he tipped his beer bottle back and drank the rest of it.

Brian could see Jamie twitch, his fingers rubbing against his t-shirt for a second. Instinctively, Brian knew that if he pulled his own shirt off, Jamie would follow. Like Brian, Jamie just wanted someone strong and sure to follow behind, someone to take charge. Brian knew full well that his need to follow took him straight to juvie, and he wasn't about to take the lead here. If this got ugly, Brian didn't want to have been the one to have led Jamie into the lion's den. And as soon as these guys saw the erection trapped in Brian's jeans, things were going to turn ugly.

"No, no way. I'm outta here," Jamie finally decided as he headed for the door. Zeke moved to the side quickly as Jamie practically ran out of the room.

"One more piggy down," Chad said with a bit of a sadistic smile. "And if I don't have my beer in the next three seconds, that's going to be two piggies down." He held his hand up, and Zeke hurried to deliver the beer and take his place next to Brian again.

Tony leaned forward and carefully put his beer bottle on the floor before he looked up at them with sharp green eyes. "I don't repeat myself," he said, and the commanding tone sent a shiver straight to Brian's cock.

"Maybe they need help," Eli, a sophomore, suggested. This would be the first time he got to do the hazing instead of having it done to him, and Brian just knew that he was more dangerous than Chad or Tony. Eli, Gary, Mark, Jerry and Pete were the sophomores, and they were all watching with delighted eyes.

Eli shifted as though he were about to stand up, but Tony held out a hand to stop him. "We're at 27 already. It's not like I'm graduating this year, so with the fifth and sixth year seniors, we don't really need new pledges." Tony got up and turned his back, and Brian knew that if they walked out of the room, he would never get in the frat. His father had been pretty clear about financial help being tied to pledging his father's frat. Maybe they'd just beat the shit out of him and still let him in. Maybe they'd... Brian stopped thinking and did the only thing he could think to do. He started stripping.

Zeke hesitated a second and then had his own shirt off. Zeke was still underdeveloped and looked very much like a high school student, but Brian had very little to do at juvie except work out or play video games, and the video games were usually broken. He knew he looked good with firm muscles and a wide chest that didn't quite match his boyish face and blonde curls, so he had no trouble stripping off his shirt and toeing out of his shoes. However, he hesitated on the zipper of his jeans. He'd never explain this away. Never.

"Do it." Brian jerked his gaze up and found Tony in front of him, staring him in the eye. Slowly, Brian unfastened his jeans and pushed them down. His erection stood out hard and already darkening with delayed need.

Several of the frat boys laughed, others just sort of froze in place. Cameron , a junior, actually froze with a handful of popcorn half way to his mouth, and the kernels slowly dribbled to the floor from his hand.

"What the hell is that?"

"Figures you wouldn't know, pencil dick."


"That's... okay, that's weird."

A half dozen voices all restarted at once, but Brian kept his eyes focused on Tony as he tried not to panic. Take a beating, talk them into letting him in anyway. Hell, if Brian took a beating, he actually had a pretty good chance of blackmailing them into letting him in, and then his father would keep paying for college. It was a plan; not a good plan, but a plan.

Tony just blinked at him in obvious surprise, but at least the man backed away instead of throwing punches. "You see something you like?" Tony demanded, and Brian could hear the danger in that voice. Tony wasn't sure how to handle this, but one wrong word and Brian would be having up close and personal time with a nurse named Greta over at the student health center.

"It's just embarrassment," Brian explained quietly as he let his gaze slide down to the floor. His traitorous cock just got harder.

"That always happen when you're embarrassed?" Chad demanded incredulously.

Brian shrugged and then took a deep breath. "Pretty much."

"Fuck, you have some seriously crossed wires," Chad said, but the words came with a snort of laughter, and the danger faded. Unfortunately, the humiliation of being laughed at made Brian's cock twitch and ache so bad that he wanted to start jerking off right there.

"Zeke, take off," Tony ordered. Brian looked up with a little panic, and he could see the worry in Zeke's face. The pledge was clutching his clothes, and his penis was being a good little thing and trying to shrink into oblivion in response to the danger and humiliation.

"I..." Zeke stopped.

"It's okay," Brian shrugged. "I'll catch you tomorrow." Zeke hesitated for a second, and then he started for the door, each step faster than the one before so that he was trotting half way across the rec room and outright running by the time he hit the door.

"Are you giving orders now, Brian?" Tony asked in a weirdly calm voice.

"What? No. I just—" Brian stopped and bit his lip. Nothing was going to help him now except shutting up.

"Shit. I've never seen anything like that. Are you sure it’s the embarrassment and he isn't just a fag?" Chad asked. Brian kept his mouth shut as Tony studied him.

"You're pathetic, piggy," Tony whispered loudly, and Brian's cock twitched. Most of the frat guys laughed, and Brian's cock twitched again.

"Fuck, it's the embarrassment. Bri, you have some fucking loose screws," Chad said with some good humor, but Brian just kept his head down.

"So," Tony asked as he headed back to the couch and sprawled out, "do you do with with guys?"

Brian didn't answer.

"I bet he bottoms," Chad said knowingly.

"He's a fucking fag," Eli said angrily. "We should get him out now."

"Chill out, Eli."

"He's a fag."

"What? You think you're going to catch it from him?" Tony demanded, and Brian risked a quick look up. Tony actually looked amused. "You feeling a need to spread your legs and let me stick my dick up your ass because you see him?" Tony waved that imperial hand toward Brian.

"Fuck, no!" Eli almost yelped.

"Well, then chill." Tony turned green eyes on Brian. "You'd let me stick my dick up your ass wouldn't you?" He asked as he crossed his arms and got a smug look on his face.

"Tony—" Brian just stopped. This was getting strange. He had no way of knowing how to handle this.

"What, you're gay now?" Chad demanded.

Tony laughed. "Fuck you, Chad. Gay is spreading your legs for a guy... it's getting off on sucking someone's dick. Wanting to stick your dick in a hot hole is just normal. What? Your girlfriend never let you try the back door?" Tony had such a look of superiority that Chad and Eli both wilted, and Brian could feel his whole body tighten with need. The power there... the calm confidence and utter disregard for others were turning him on more than he could possibly imagine. This was so not good.

"But you, Brian. I figure you had a plan, so explain why you would drop your pants and show us your pathetic little dick sticking out like that."

Brian swallowed and tried to collect his thoughts with most of his blood rushing south. "My father won't pay for college unless I get into the fraternity."

"You plan to fuck your way into our favor?" Tony asked, but the voice was so calm, so amused that Brian thought he just might not get the shit kicked out of him tonight.

"I thought you'd beat me up," Brian admitted.

Chad interrupted this time. "And how would that get you in?"

Tony stood up again and studied Brian with an amused expression. "We'd either let him in or he'd report us for gay bashing. The university would shut down the frat and kick us all out. You aren't nearly as stupid as I thought, piggy. That's nervy." Brian had thought Tony with his arrogant attitude was sexy, but Tony complimenting him was just about orgasm-inducing sexy.

"So, we kick him out now?" Chad asked, suddenly unsure, and Brian could see a number of the others shift nervously. Gay bashing was a serious charge... right up there with rape on the university non-PC, 'worthy of expulsion' list.

"That'd be one option. Personally, I'm feeling sorry for Chad. He has a girlfriend who's too much of a tightass to let him try going in the out door. It's great. Hot. Tight." Tony raised his hand and grabbed Brian's chin in a tight grip. "A good, gay pledge would offer to fix that oversight for a frat-brother. I mean, if you're gay anyway, you have to admit that Chad isn't bad."

Chad wasn't bad. Where Tony had the all American look, Chad was dark and lithe. They played basketball together, but Chad was first string. He was about 6'9" and the very fact that he still looked to Tony for permission just made Brian want Tony even more. Chad looked impressive; Tony was impressive.

"I don't—" Chad stopped when Tony looked over at him.

"Oh, you do. You just don't know it yet. Wait until you try it. Kevin, go grab some of that shitty lotion, the stuff that leaves oil everywhere. And bring condoms," Tony added as Kevin turned to run out of the room.

"You'll help a frat brother out, won't you Brian?" Tony asked as he tightened his fingers on Brian's chin. Brian would have agreed to pretty much anything at this point, but a little part of him pointed out that all of the guys were various shades of drunk. If he let them do this, they might be even more angry when they sobered up.

"Ask tomorrow." Brian tried to keep his voice calm, but he could hear the tremor in it.

"Why tomorrow?" Tony let go of Brian's chin, and Brian fought the urge to rub the aching skin.

"Because tomorrow you'll be sober so you can't blame me for whatever you do tonight and hate yourself for tomorrow," Brain said with far more honesty than he intended to use.

Tony smiled wickedly. "Eli, grab that rope," he said as he held out his hand. Eli scrambled to grab a coil of rope and deliver it. "Brian, we're going to make sure that no one in this room can blame you. You're going to be the one person who doesn't have any control here at all." Tony said the words firmly, but he moved slow as he reached down gripped Brian's wrist. Letting most of the coil fall to the ground, he used the end and tied it firmly around Brian's left wrist. Brian could feel his legs tremble in either anticipation or fear as Tony reached for his right hand, but he didn't fight. He didn't fight and he didn't say 'no' as Tony slowly tied his wrists together firmly.

"Grab the rest of the rope and stand at the end of the pool table." Tony turned his back and faced the other frat members as Brian gathered the rope and walked to the far end of the rec room where a huge billiards table squatted in one corner.

Tony addressed the group. "So, are any of you feeling so weak that Brian there is controlling you? Are you going to sober up tomorrow and assume a fag made you do something?" The room was silent, and Brian reached the spot Tony had ordered him to. He turned and looked at the room. Oh shit. There were over twenty men in the room, over half of them athletes, and all of them looking at Brian. "Thought so," Tony said as he turned his back on the room and stalked toward Brian, his eyes scanning up and down Brian's body.

"Turn to face the table," Tony ordered, and Brian had a good idea exactly where this was going. However, he wasn't exactly sorry. In fact, the cold, calculated need to get into the fraternity was quickly taking a backseat to the hot, immediate need to get fucked. He turned to face the table and dropped the coil of rope on the green felt. Tony picked it up and walked to the far side of the table. "Eli, crawl under here and thread the rope down the center of the table."

Brian didn't move as the sophomore got under the pool table and dragged the rope down the length of the table, pulled it tight so that Brian had to bend over, and tied it off on a massive table leg near Brian's right foot. Brian wasn't surprised at all when Tony then bent down and pulled Brian's right foot out and tied the end of the rope to it so that Brian was not bent over the table with his legs spread. Tony gave his ass a sharp slap.

"I have it!" an out of breath voice called, and Brian let himself sag down onto the surface of the pool table. He was about to get the fucking of his life, and he tried to relax his muscles.

"Okay, gentleman, we have something that will pass as lube. And now for the instructional part of today's lesson. Brian, spread that left foot more." Tony gave him another sharp slap, and Brian widened his stance and curled his fingers around the rope.

"If your girlfriends let you get your dicks near their asses, remember to use a lot of lube. You make this too hard on them, and your dicks will never see their asses again. Start with one finger and lots of slick stuff."

Brian jumped when something cold touched his ass and then promptly pushed in. Tony chuckled. "If this were an actual girl, you'd want to warm that up, but Brian'll live. Work the one finger in several times, and push lots of slick up there so that once your dick goes in you don’t get friction burn. That is not pretty," Tony said with a laugh. Brian groaned and arched his back just enough to rub his erection against the warm wood of the table. "As soon as the bitch looks like she's enjoying it, add a second finger with more lube," Tony said, and Brian felt the increased pressure at his asshole. He breathed out carefully and gently pushed back.

"If your girl hasn't done this before, tell her to push back, but Brian here's a pro. I think we'll go straight to three fingers."

Brian hissed as three fingers pushed into him, stretching him fast enough to be on the painful side. And then Tony's instructional voice was back. "If the girl starts feeling uncomfortable, just stop and wait. Her muscles will stretch. If you're big, like Chad there, you might want to use four fingers or even pick up a few toys in various sizes to get her ready before you actually fuck her, but I think Brian's all good to go. Are you good to go, Brian?" Tony asked in an oddly cheerful voice as the fingers pulled out.

"Yeah," Brian answered simply. He could hear foil being ripped and then something blunt pushed against his ass. Shifting onto his toes, Brian tried to push back and relax at the same time as someone pushed a dick slowly into his hole. He didn't even open his eyes to see more, but he focused on how his body trembled with need. His erection pressed against the wood of the table and he had an almost irresistible urge to thrust back, which he couldn't do because he was tied stomach down with the edge of the pool table holding his hips up in the air while his chest was flat against the felt.

His partner slowly pushed in until Brian could feel curled hair against his ass and warm legs pressed up against him. Panting now, Brian squirmed and tried to encourage his partner to move, to fuck him, to reach around and grab Brian's dick, to do anything except leave him pinned and helpless on the table. Eventually Brian couldn't take it anymore. Opening his eyes, he looked over his shoulder to see Tony standing behind him, buried in him.

As if looking at Tony moved him into action, Tony pulled out and started thrusting harder and harder, his hands grabbing Brian's hips so hard that Tony expected to find bruises tomorrow. With a hoarse cry, Tony pounded into Brian once more and then came, his body shuddering so that Brian could feel the tremors everywhere that their bodies touched. Both of Tony's hands landed on Brian's back as the man leaned there and tried to catch his breath.

"Fuck. That's good," Tony finally breathed as he pushed himself up and grabbed the base of the condom before it could spill. Brian would have agreed, only his cock was so hard and aching he didn't think he could form words. He arched his back and then tried to thrust his erection into the wood, but that only earned him a sharp slap from Tony.

"I think Brian needs a little help loosening up a little before Chad, so Ron, you're up. You know what the coach says, you have to get in the game and try it before you can learn it." Tony stepped to the side of the table, and Brian felt a new dick press against his ass. Ron didn't hesitate as he just thrust straight in, and Brian raised up on his elbows with a start.

"Ron, with that technique, you're never going to get in your girlfriend's ass. You're just lucky that Brian's a slut or he'd make you stop," Tony said with a friendly pat on Brian's shoulder, and Brian had a sudden image of Tony patting a dog that way. But approval was approval and Brian let himself sag back down as Ron started thrusting a little more carefully this time.

"Fuck. It's so tight. Shit." Ron punctuated every thrust with a curse as he worked Brian's ass for several long minutes. Then he started coming, and he pressed up close to Brian and breathed heavily. "Fuck, yeah," he whispered as he pulled out. Brian let his eyes fall closed as the next dick pressed up against his hole.

He wanted to come. He needed to come. But he was just the hole that dozens of men were using, and the fact that they were just using him made him need to come even more. Brian sank into a place where all that existed was the stretch and burn in his ass from it being used so much, the pleasure-pain like when you scratched the hell out of a rash, the raw need that made him want to jerk off, but tied over the table, all he could do was endure as man after man used him, thrust into him, slapped him on the ass or the back and made some comment about his ass.

Brian danced on his toes and involuntarily kicked out his free left leg until someone grabbed another rope and tied his ankle to the table, and then Brian could only twitch and gasp. The whole time, Tony stood next to him, a warm hand on Tony's shoulder as frat brother after frat brother fucked his ass, and Brian whimpered in need. Tony's fingers smoothed his curls back from his sweaty forehead and whispered for him to hold on. And Brian did. Brian held on because of Tony's hand on his shoulder, because of the whispered words.

And then something huge pressed in slowly, and Brian arched his back and strained against the ropes.

"Shhh," Tony soothed him. "I'm telling you, Chad. That monster isn't normal," Tony said to the man behind Brian. With a glance over his shoulder, Brian could see Chad standing at the fucking position.

"You're just jealous, asshole," Chad said amiably as he pushed in another inch. Brian's breathing hitched as he struggled to relax enough to take the huge cock.

"I just don't want you breaking the new toy the way you did the Playstation," Tony pointed out. "Hold on a second."

The warm hand vanished from Brian's back, and without that anchor, he felt suddenly vulnerable. And then a warm hand grabbed his cock, and Brian only cared about squirming and thrusting enough to get some friction on his aching cock. The slick hand stroked up and down, each stoke becoming firmer until Brian cried out and came so hard that he lost his breath and sank bonelessly onto the table, his muscles twitching and his brain temporarily going off line.

Talk became blurred noise and the huge thing pressing into his ass was all that existed as Brian's brain cells attempted to recover. And then the warm hand was back on his shoulder, and Brian lay still as Chad pounded him so hard that Brian knew he was going to be feeling this fucking for days. Chad gave a small grunt as he came, and then he pulled out and Brian was empty. He was empty and exhausted and still tied down to a pool table in the frat house rec room.

For a couple of long minutes, the room was quiet, and Brian could see the others sprawled over couches and chairs as though watching a football game, only they were watching him get fucked by an entire frat house.

"We should let him up," Chad said.

"Nope," Tony declared. "Rambo is on in five minutes, and I want to look over and see Brian finally showing his true colors. In fact, Zeke's sober. Send him to that sex shop and have him get a few plugs because I think this ass should be full all the time," Tony gave Brian's ass another slap. "Don't you think so piggy?"

Brian didn't answer right away since words had ceased to have a lot of meaning, but then Tony gave his ass a pinch. "Um, yeah," Brian agreed quickly.

"Right then, we'll cut you loose when Zeke gets back here with your plug," Tony said as he gave Brian one last slap. "Someone throw a blanket over him, but make sure that red ass shows," Tony ordered as he headed back to his spot on the couch. And one of the other frat brothers draped a blanket over the table, including over Brian's head so that now he lay in the warm quiet, his ass on display for all his frat brothers to see. The theme music for Rambo started, and Brian let himself fall asleep. Maybe the whole fraternity experience wouldn't be as bad as he thought.



Brian scrubbed his curls and wandered up the stairs into the kitchen with his brain still on "sleep." Luckily, the downstairs bathroom was available, so he slipped into the shower with his wrinkled clothes in a bundle. Last night had been incredible. He still had the rope burned ankles and sore ass to prove it. With a hiss, he slipped the large plug out of his ass and poked his asshole a bit. He was sore but he'd survive. Hell, he actually liked how sore he was.

Showering quickly, Brian washed the plug and tossed it in a drawer. In the cold light of morning, Brian wasn't sure any of the guys were going to be keen on seeing him, so Brian decided on a tactical retreat. He could be back after dinner for the pledge meeting and meanwhile, everyone else would have a chance to calm down. They might need to calm down.

Brian opened the door and almost walked into Chad's chest.

"Toy," Chad rumbled, his low voice amused, which was good because amused meant the man wasn't blaming Brian for the whole gay gangbang from the night before.

"Hey, Chad. I'm just heading to the library," he hurried to say. Before he could say anything more, Chad had grabbed him and put him face first into the wall in the hallway.

"Spot inspection," Chad said as he kicked the inside of Brian's foot and forced him to spread his legs.

"Aw, fuck," Brian whispered as he let his forehead thunk against the wall.

"Not unless you beg nice," Chad answered as he unbuttoned Brian's jeans and stuck his huge hand down the back. And that was a finger pressing against Brian's asshole.

"Where's the plug, piggy?" Chad demanded, and now his voice was dangerous. Considering that Chad was huge, an angry Chad was not a good thing.

"I'm sorry. It's in the bathroom. I didn't think you guys meant it, you were drunk last night," Brian hurried to explain. Chad left him and went in the bathroom, and Brian just waited, forehead resting against the wall and legs spread. It took a couple of slamming drawers before Chad came back, black plug in hand.

"You're in serious shit, pledge. I expect you downstairs, on your knees, naked with your plug back in place. When Tony gets up, you'll get your punishment." Chad thrust the plug toward Brian, and he took it almost instinctively. Brian opened his mouth to say something, but one look at Chad's unhappy face, and he just dropped his gaze and turned and headed for the rec room.

It didn't take Brian long to get in place, but his knees ached and his cock was hardening nicely with humiliation before Tony wandered down the stairs, his hair sticking up on one side as he rubbed his face. Chad walked one step behind him and two or three smirking frat brothers followed. Shit. Brian squirmed uncomfortably and his erection started fading a bit as he started worrying about being in real danger. They were sober this morning, sober and hung over. And the beer-inspired joviality of last night was obviously not carrying over to the morning if the expressions meant anything.

"Right, so it seems like the piggy didn't learn the rules last night," Tony commented as he dropped onto his couch. Brian was kneeling right in front of it so that now Brian had a nice view of Tony's knees. "So, explain why you didn't have the plug in this morning," Tony said in an almost reasonable tone of voice, but Brian's mouth was so dry, he couldn't come up with an answer.

"Were you too sore to wear it?" Tony asked as he leaned forward.

"No," Brian admitted. "Look, I thought that was just a drunk game."

Tony leaned back and traded a look with Chad that made Brian fidget and his cock start to harden again as it took an interest in events. "Well," Tony shrugged, "Chad caught you disobeying, so Chad gets to administer the spanking."

"The... what?" Brian looked up with some panic. Chad had hands like dinner plates. Chad was getting scouted by NBA teams. Chad was scary.

"Hey, you're the one who broke the rules," Tony pointed out as he shifted back and crossed his arms. Chad stepped forward and pulled Brian up with a strong hand under his elbow, and when Brian's legs were numb from kneeling, Chad practically carried him to the couch and dropped him stomach down before sitting next to him.

"Get your ass over my lap, boy," Chad ordered, and Brian cast a longing look toward Tony, but he had his head back and his eyes closed. Obviously he wasn't awake enough to get involved. Moving slowly, Brian half crawled over Chad's lap and lay there stiff and tense. This time, even his cock had gotten the message and gotten out of the game.

But instead of pain, Chad stroked Brian's ass. He pressed in on the plug, nudging it toward Brian's prostate before he let go and started stroking over Brian's butt and down the back of his legs. "Fucking naughty, aren't you? Just a little boy who needs discipline to keep him in line," Chad said, and that's all it took for Brian's cock to get right back into the game.

The first hit wasn't as hard as Brian expected, but after the soft petting, it did catch him off guard and he gasped. Tony opened his eyes and looked over as Brian took hits two and three. They were sharp, but they created more heat than actual pain. And then Chad was stroking again. He grabbed the base of the plug and pulled it out some before pushing it back into place. Brian gasped and fisted his hands as he tried to control a need to reach down and start jerking off.

"What a slut," Chad said, but again his voice had a fond humor. And then he started spanking again, only this time, he aimed the blows for the base of the plug driving it deep in as Brian squirmed on Chad's lap. The friction of Chad's sweats against his cock felt so good that Brian couldn't void humping into them. The blows came harder and then Brian started coming in hot waves that left him panting.

"Well, fuck. The toy went and made a mess."

"Toys do that," Tony answered, and Brian tensed up as he realized what he'd done.

"I wanted him to give me a fucking blow job, but now I have to go rinse out the fucking pants. I'd make him lick the shit up only I don't want his body fluids on my clothes," Chad said as he gave Brian's hip a bit of a shove. Brian took the hint and slid off Chad's lap to kneel at the man's feet.

"Go get cleaned up. I'll keep the toy busy until you come back," Tony suggested. Chad got up to leave, and Brian looked at Tony curiously.

"If I were awake, I'd go for a blow job myself, but I'm not. So, I want you standing in the corner, legs spread and that red ass of yours on display," Tony ordered with a wave. Brian moved to the corner behind the television and took his position.

"Legs farther apart," Tony instructed. Brian spread his stance some. "Hands on the top of your head." Brain interlocked his fingers and put them on top of his head. Then the television went on, and Brian was left to think out his how hot his ass felt from the spanking and just how fast he could get hard again because being put on display and forced to wait was obviously a kink he didn't even know he had. A big kink.



"My room, toy," Tony ordered as he passed Brian in the hall. Brian hesitated for a second. He had history his morning, but he had an hour before class, so as long as Tony wasn't feeling creative, he could still make it on time. Reversing direction, Brian headed for the frat president's room. The rules he'd learned over the weekend had been pretty specific, so Brian quickly undressed and knelt beside Tony's bed. He hadn't even been there a minute before Tony opened the door, a bowl in his hand, and Brian instantly wondered. Oh, he didn't worry too much because so far he'd pretty much loved everything Tony had done, but he didn't have a whole lot of time for playing.

"Tony?" he asked.

"You're such a slut, aren't you? I mean, you can keep up with the whole frat house, toy." Brian started getting hard. "It's funny because when I saw you were going into police work, I figured that you and I must be a lot alike... both going into police work, both with the boy next door look, both of us stuck playing second string, only you got bounced off the football team already, didn't you?"

Brian didn't answer. But Tony didn't seem to need an answer as he just kept going, and now he put the bowl on the floor where Brian could see ice water. "And hey, I'm totally a slut with the girls, but I just never would have guessed you'd be so good at spreading for the boys. And I really don't want you going out there and spreading your legs for every guy on campus.

"I wouldn't—" Brian started defending himself, but Tony held a hand up to stop him.

"You're right, you won't. Get rid of the erection," Tony said with a nod to the hardening cock.

"What?" Brian looked up with some panic. No. No way did he want to do what Tony seemed to be telling him to do.

"We're here until you get rid of that erection," Tony said as he walked to the dresser nearest the door and leaned against it, and that smirk was back.

Brian shook his head. "I have European history with Stronstein."

"Then you'd better get rid of that erection." Tony's smirk got wider. "I bought a toy for the toy." Tony held up a clear piece of plastic, and Brian's cock twitched when he finally figured out it was a chastity sheath. "I figure you're our toy, and I'm a little possessive with my toys. I don't want it wandering."

"I wouldn't ever—"

"Nope, you won't," Tony agreed. "Either get rid of that erection, or you say no and everything's over... the frat, being a toy, the rules... it all ends if you say no."

Brian chewed his lip and looked up at Tony. Something made Tony's expression soften, and he crouched down so they could look eye to eye. "I don't want to ever look at you and wonder... wonder if you're doing it in the bathroom of the math building or if you're going to someone's dorm room. I know you're giving me the power here, and I want to be able to always look at you and see someone that I need to protect. I don't want to ever wonder if you're playing us for fools."

The need, the insecurity and need in a man that Brian had thought invulnerable made his decision easy. Brian reached over and slid the bowl between his legs.

"I'm really going to hate this," Brian said sadly as he took a deep breath and then raised himself up so he could dunk his cock and balls in the water. The cold seemed to burn, and Brian's cock immediately shrunk. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," Brian swore as the cold made his whole body ache. His balls hurt. He knelt up and pushed the bowl away so quickly that ice water slopped onto the carpet.

"Fuck, Brian, I'm really starting to think you're the best pledge the frat every got ahold of," Tony said admiringly as he pulled Brian to his feet and set him on the edge of Tony's bed. Tony used a towel to dry Brian, and by the time he was fastening the clear ring behind Brian's balls to hold the sheath in place, Brian could already feel himself start to get aroused. The very possessiveness of Tony putting a chastity device on him made him want to get hard, but the plastic sheath forced his cock into a small downward curve that made the attempt to get hard just painful.

"I'd better be in after this week," Brian tried joking, but he could only fall back on Tony's bed and groan as his cock and the plastic had a little battle. Unfortunately, the plastic won, and Brian ended up panting through his nose to try and force calm thoughts into his brain.

"Oh, you're in," Tony agreed as he held up a little brass lock. "And now I'll always know who you go spreading your legs for because I don't think it's going to be comfortable for you to let someone have your ass as long as your cock is in that, is it?" Brian felt Tony tugging at the device and then there was the click of a closing lock.

"No, no it's really not," Brian agreed.

"Want to test that theory? I mean, we're going to be cops, Bri. A cop shouldn't ever assume without evidence to back up the assumption. Roll over onto your stomach, toy."

Brian groaned and rolled over, waiting as he heard foil rip. The frat must be going through a fucking fortune in condoms. And then the plug was pulled out and Tony slid in so fast that Brian couldn't fully adjust. Tony's cock felt huge, and it angled into the prostate with every thrust so that Brian was almost immediately lost in blind lust. He thrust down into the bed, rubbing his crotch against the mattress and then pushing back into Tony's thrusts. Without any bindings, he was free to writhe and rub, and Brian did. However, the clear plastic of the sheath slid over the sheets without touching his cock. Brian groaned in need and then nearly cried as Tony came and slid the plug back into his ass.

"Tony, please. Just take it off for a second. I'll finish quick," Brian begged. A strong hand rolled him over, and Brian lay looking up at Tony. Without conscious thought, Brian's hands moved to the sheath, running over the smooth plastic as though trying to find a way in, but the ring behind his balls kept it firmly in place. Looking down, Brian could see his cock pressing against the plastic and a drop of precom at the tip, ready to come out the slit at the bottom of the sheath.

"What do you want more, Brian: do you want to come right now or do you want to come tonight with the whole frat using your ass? You'll only get to come once, so pick wisely, young freshman." Tony was smirking, but the way he sat on the edge of the bed with his fingers trailing up Brian's arm softened the words.

"Fuck, you'd make me choose?"

"Ah, little grasshopper, life is about choice," Tony said with a smile.

"Fine. I'll wait until tonight," Brian finally groaned, his hands still desperately and uselessly gripping the cock sheath.

"Good choice," Tony said with a smile. "Don't you have a history class, to get to, by the way? Stronstein is not the prof to put up with late freshman, so shift your ass," Tony offered as he stood up and grabbed Brian's clothes off the chair and chucked them at him.

"Yeah, yeah," Brian sighed with one last sad looked at his trapped cock.



Brian stood with his nose to the wall, his legs spread, and his hands locked behind his back in leather cuffs.

"I like the idea of piercing, maybe start with a nipple. We could put a chain on it and hitch him somewhere like a horse," Chad offered.

"I vote figging. I want to see the toy squirming as the ginger heats up that ass of his," Eli said. Brian groaned and felt his sated cock twitch. He wasn't sure whether it was the idea of being pierced or having ginger shoved up his ass or the very fact that the other guys were sitting around, staring at his ass and discussing it. Either way, his cock was definitely taking an interest. And considering how hard Brian had already come tonight, that was a small miracle by itself.

"We could put the ginger up there while I give him a good flogging," Cameron suggested, going back to his first vote. "I really want to see him with red stripes across his ass, that cock of his hard and desperate."

"You're assuming he'd get hard," Tony pointed out.

"I saw what happened when Chad spanked him. I thinking he's going to go ape shit over a flogging. We could put his chastity belt back on and then flog him so he couldn't get hard. Two tortures for the price of one."

"Unless we have the ginger up his ass, then it's three," Eli pointed out. "There's this website, and they said that centuries ago, government whippers would put ginger in the ass of criminals before a whipping. If the criminals tense up their muscles to try and make the whipping hurt less, the pressure on the ginger makes more of the juice come out and it burns like a son of a bitch without doing any damage. I can just see Brian tied to the ceiling and trying to decide whether to squeeze or not squeeze. That would be the question."

Gary chimed in then. "My girlfriend wants to play with candle wax. I think I should practice a bit on the toy."

"Breathplay," a voice suggested, but Brian couldn't identify the speaker.

"No, too dangerous," Tony vetoed.

"I still think if Brian can take Chad's monster, he can take a fist up the ass." And that was Zeke who was definitely getting into the spirit of Brian-torture now that he knew this wasn't a part of the hazing that he was going to have to endure.

Someone walked up behind Brian and ran a finger down his spine and Brian just kept his eyes closed as his cock started recovering from the earlier orgasm. "We could take him out, naked, and make him find his own way home," Andy said from the far side of the room.

"Too much danger of him getting caught," Tony answered, and Brian wasn't surprised to find it was Tony standing behind him, touching. "We could take pictures of him being a slut and put them on the internet just as long as his face is cut out of the picture," Tony suggested. Brian closed his eyes and groaned.

"I could use that program of mine to morph his face with Harrison Ford's or something so that his face was clear but it didn't look like him," Zeke quickly offered. "It might make his expression look a little funky, but if I did that, no one would be out there trying to put a face with the body because they'll think they know the face."

"Good suggestions," Tony said and then he walked away. The sofa springs groaned, so the man had flung himself back down on his sofa. "Toy, turn around and look at us," Tony ordered, and Brian shifted. To turn, he had to bring his legs closer together, and he groaned as the monster dildo up his ass pressed against his prostrate.

"We seem to have too many suggestions, so we're going to play a little game, you describe what you want done to you, and whichever one makes me hard, we do," Tony said as he unzipped his pants and let his cock hang out. It was limp, but then Tony had already come once. Everyone had come once in either Brian's ass or mouth, and Chad had come twice. Brian's jaw still ached from trying to get as much of Chad in his mouth as he could.

"Go on, or I'm just going to assume you don't want a vote and I'll give you to whomever I feel like, toy," Tony warned.

Brian swallowed. The one thing he didn't want was for Tony to give him to someone else. Tony was always there when the others used him. Tony had the key to his cock sheath, and Tony set the rules for how Brian got used.

"You could... um..." Brian took a deep breath, and Tony got an amused look on his face as Brian's cock twitched in response to the embarrassment of having to say this out loud. Brian shifted and strained against the leather manacles for a second as he tried to regain control of his voice which was in danger of squeaking. "You could run a chain from the ceiling and chain me from it so I couldn't move away from the whip, and then let Cameron flog me," he said uncertainly.

Tony leaned back and gave Brian a look that very clearly communicated boredom. A couple of the frat brothers chuckled, and Brian gave them dirty looks.

"That look would work better if you weren't already getting hard, frosh," Cameron pointed out as he put his beer bottle on the coffee table. "Zeke, go grab me another beer."

Brian closed his eyes and tried to pretend the frat away. No frat, no embarrassment—no embarrassment, no hardening cock—no hardening cock, no additional embarrassment leading to additional hardening. Yeah, he was so screwed. He didn't open his eyes as he started again.

"Chain me from the ceiling tight enough that I can almost get my heels on the floor but not quite, and then have Eli carve a huge piece of ginger to shove up my ass. Maybe Chad can fuck me first so that I'm stretched and tender and then when the ginger goes in, it'll burn more. And there has to be a penalty if I push it out... something I won't want to do like go a week without coming. That way, I have to hold it in myself when I really want to push it out.

"And then have Cameron start with the flogger. He starts slow so the pain isn't too much and then builds up to a hard lashing, and the whole time, I'm caught between trying to not clench down on the ginger but not letting it slide out, either. Definitely have the cock sheath off so Zeke can get some good pictures of me as I squirm and fight the chains, some nice shots from the back as the red stripes show up on my skin. And then when I'm just about dying with need and hard, slip a cockring over the base of my cock and take me down and fuck me until I come, only with the cockring, I'm still hard and aching. And after everyone has come, then put me up for display somewhere while you guys watch some movie and I'm still squirming with need."

Brian opened his eyes and found Tony fully hard and stroking his own erection. "Fuck," Tony breathed. Chad handed over a condom, and Tony tore it open quickly, rolling it over his erection. "Get over here and suck, toy," Tony ordered. Brian headed for the couch and fell to his knees in front of Tony, awkwardly bending with his hands still chained behind his back as he started to suck. They had a winner.



"Toy's been rode hard and put up wet," Cameron commented as he dropped onto a couch. Brian didn't even twitch where he lay on the floor, not that he could twitch much. A thick rug covered the center of the room in front of the television now, and the corners were pushed back to reveal rings set into the concrete. The carpeting was cut out of four perfect squares, and the metal rings could retract into a metal plate so that they were virtually undetectable as long as the rug was over them. Right now, though, each ring was connected to a chain and each chain was connected to a cuff on Brian. Brian was laid out spread eagle on the floor.

"I'm seeing how many times he can come before his brains fall out his dick," Tony said with some amusement.

"What are you at?"

"Three, and he's slowing down."

Brian just grunted. He was fairly sure his brain had leaked out his dick already.

"Red ass, so you've already spanked him?"

"Oh yeah. Other than putting him on display and humiliating him, nothing gets Bri going like a spanking. I also used a vibrator and ginger on him."

"I have an idea," Cameron said with a wink, and Brian watched sleepily as Cameron went over to the chest and pulled out some stuff. The only thing Brian could clearly see was one of his heavy blindfolds.

"Head up," Tony ordered as Cameron handed over the blindfold, and Brian obediently lifted his head. Tony fitted the leather carefully and then pulled the buckle tights so that even with his eyes open, Brian was totally in the dark.

"This is a little game, toy. We're going to have some fun back here with some hot wax and some ice I'm about to go get," Cameron offered. "After each session, we'll ask you if the sensation was hot or cold. If you're right, you get a nice big vibrator shoved up your ass. And if you're wrong... what should the penalty be?" Brian thought for a half second that Cameron was asking him, and he didn't have two brain cells left firing. Luckily, Cameron was obviously talking to Tony because Tony answered.

"Every time he's wrong, I'm going to slip a piece of ice up that ass of his. Brian definitely doesn't like the cold."

"Tony, come on," Brian asked as he tilted his head in the direction that he thought Tony was probably standing.

"Is the toy saying 'no'?" Tony asked.

Brian fell silent, but made sure to scowl as he let his head rest on the carpet.

Cameron laughed. "Toy doesn't know the meaning of the word 'no.' It's one of his best qualities."

"It's a lot better than his habit of drinking the last of the milk and leaving the empty carton in the refrigerator," Tony answered. Brian would have pointed out all their faults as roommates, but he was just too damn sated and sleepy.

"I'll be right back," Cameron said and then footsteps pounded up the stairs. Brian lay in the dark feeling Tony's hands over his body and he tried to get hard... he really did. But his cock had other ideas. Maybe when the other guys got back from classes Tony could put him on display or something, but right now he was done... done for... done in... just done.

"Here you go," Cameron offered, and Brian realized the game was about to start. At least with his dick limp, he wouldn't be distracted from the right answers. He heard a match strike and smelled the sulfur of it as the guys shifted around. "Man, I would never play with a woman this hard, but when I graduate, I don't know what I'm going to do without the toy. Maybe when he gets his degree, we can fight for custody of him."

"As fraternity president, I claim full custody of the toy," Tony said firmly as he kneaded Brian's ass.

"Yeah, but I'm going to be frat president next year, which means I'll have Brian's keys. Possession is nine-tenths of the law."

Brian was thinking about how amusing it was to hear two guys who still claimed to be straight fight over his ass, but then heat spread through his ass, centering on the cheek Tony had just massaged. Brian sucked in a breath and then let it out again as the heat exploded again on his shoulder. A cold trail then traced the line between the two points, and Brian could feel goose pimples break out all over his body. Oh fuck. That was different. Sated or not, Brian's cock took an interest.

"Three words Brian.... in the right order." Tony punctuated his words with a pinch to the back of Brian's thigh.

"Hot, hot, cold," Brian quickly answered. The slick vibrator traced the outside of his asshole sending shivers through Brian's body. As one of the guys shoved the vibrator deep into him, making Brian moan with need, the other pulled cooling wax from his skin.

"That seems too easy," Tony complained as he pulled the vibrator out. Brian sighed as he felt his sore cock start to harden.

"Then we make it more difficult," Cameron said. The ice against the underside of Brian's balls made him yelp, and his hardening cock went right back to limp as the ice trailed over his balls and then up the crack to circle his ass, and for a second, Brian thought he was going to end up with ice up his ass even though he'd had the right answer. Instead heat caught him in the back of the balls and splattered onto his cock head, and Brian jerked and made the chains rattle.

"Bri?" Tony asked.

"Oh fuck," Brian breathed as his cock started to harden for real. More heat caught him on the edge of his asshole and trickled down his crack and Brian arched his back. A third wave of heat caught him in the balls making his whole body shudder as the lust slowly built.

"Four answers, Brian," Tony prompted him.

"Cold, hot, hot, hot," Brian immediately answered.

"Wrong, toy," Tony said in that tone that meant he was smirking. No way was he wrong, though. Brian knew what his body felt. Only Tony wouldn't lie, not when Brian was chained down, and the ice was already pushing against his asshole. It was a round piece, already melting so it slid in neatly, and Brian squirmed.

"You know the rules, toy. You push something out without permission and you go a week without coming." Brian turned his head so he could put his forehead to the ground and groan.

"You're sadists," he complained as he squirmed. The ice was.... the ice was strange. It had almost burned going in, but now it was just cool, and he could feel it when he clenched down. Brian clenched and felt as the cube melted, and the ice slipped around in him. And then the sensation was gone leaving him with a chilly ass.

"Then it's a good thing you’re a masochist," Tony agreed.

Brian opened his mouth to say something and heat exploded down the back of his cock, and he reared up and gasped. It felt like his skin was on fire, but his brain knew Cameron and Tony wouldn't actually hurt him. More fire exploded against his cock, and Brian struggled to catch his breath. "I can't... wait a second," Brian begged, and Tony's hand was on his shoulder, petting him until he sank back down to the carpet.

"We'll wait a second. It's okay," Tony soothed him, and when the red panic had cleared from his brain, Brian realized he was hard again. "You okay?" Tony asked, and Brian nodded silently. "Okay, we need an answer... two words."

Brian hesitated. They'd both felt like fire tracing down his cock, but what if he was wrong? He really wanted the vibrator badly because one good hit to his prostrate and he'd go off, and the game would be officially over. The second heat had been so much more intense. Maybe that was because it was ice running over the heated skin.

"Hot, cold?" Brian guessed hesitantly. He was answered by a pressure at his ass, and a much large piece of ice slipped into him. Brian squirmed as his ass burned deliciously, but it wasn't enough, it couldn’t push him over, and if the guys wouldn't do something more, he was going to be laying here for a good long while.

Brian missed the next two, and his cock and balls ached with need and with the fire that sank into his skin and made him promise anything if they would just let him come. Heat engulfed the back of his thigh, and Brian tried to hump the carpet until one of the guys delivered a hard enough slap to his ass to make him stop.

"Maybe we should try one at a time," Tony said with some sympathy.

"I don't know, I kinda like seeing him squirm and beg," Cameron said as heat ran up the backside of Brian's knee.

"Hot or cold, Brian," Tony asked. Tony knew it felt hot, but he'd heard the clink of ice against the bowl.

"Cold," he answered, and groaned when something touched his ass, only instead of ice, it was the vibrator pushing deep into him and making the whole world go white as Brian finally came in hard jerks that made his chains rattle.

"Toy is done in for the night," Cameron said with a friendly slap to his ass. "So, should we let him head back to his room or put him in his corner?"

"Bri?" Tony asked. Brian hesitated. Chained in his corner, the guys would walk by and take the opportunity to play with him, to tease him or use him under Tony's eye. But he had a paper due.

"We're pretty close to finals, he probably needs to study," Cameron pointed out, "but that doesn't mean we can't make it interesting for him."

"I like interesting. What did you have in mind?" Tony asked.

"Has he eaten?"


"Then I say we plug both ends, slap a couple of locks on him, and send him to get some work done in his room."

"Cameron, I'm starting to think that when I'm gone you just might be worthy of taking care of toy," Tony said as he pulled the buckle loose from the blindfold. "What do you think of that idea, toy?"

"I think I'm going to be horny again before the end of the night," Brian answered truthfully as he blinked in the sudden light of the rec room. Tony unclipped his wrists while Cameron went back to the chest.

"Up on your knees," Tony said with a quick slap, and Brian pushed himself up, watching as Cameron came back with a muzzle. The thing had a mouthguard-type flat blub gag with a wide front that tucked up under his chin. Buckles went over and behind his head. The thing made Brian claustrophobic, which was weird because it also got him hot.

"Open up," Cameron said, and Brian did, his hands resting on his own thighs as Cameron fitted it over his head and then slipped a brass lock into place so that Brian couldn't free himself from it. Reaching up, Brian scratched at the leather that went up his cheeks and then joined at the bridge of his nose before going up and over his head. Sighing through his nose he ordered himself to just ignore the tickle.

"What do you think: big bigger or biggest?" Cameron asked as he held up three dildos.

"My boy's tough, he can take the biggest. He won't have fun sitting at the computer with that monster up his ass, but like I said, he's tough," Tony answered quickly. Brian shot the man a nasty look, and Tony just laughed and reached over to tug a curl. Cameron walked around behind him, and Brian shifted to hands and knees to give Cameron easier access to his ass. It took some lube and a little time, but the large dildo slipped up inside and then Cameron used the buckling harness to strap the thing in. One more lock and Brian had no more power over that either.

"I would say he was safe to leave the cock sheath off after he's come four times, but you know what a whore he is. He'll jerk off in private and won't leave anything for the other guys to play with later. You should put it back on," Cameron suggested.

"Playing with him later would be interesting. I wonder if a gangback would get a fifth orgasm out of him," Tony mused. Brian shifted back to his knees so that Tony could get the locking sheath around his cock and balls.

"He might orgasm again, but nothing is coming out of those balls. He didn't have more than a few drops this time last time," Cameron commented as he unhooked Brian's feet. The leather cuffs were still around his wrists and ankles, but Brian knew better than to try and take those off without permission.

"I wonder if he could have a totally dry orgasm. We should try this summer when he doesn't have finals," Tony suggested, and Brian struggled to his feet, shaking his legs to get the circulation back. Both Tony and Cameron held out hands to steady him.

"You do know he gets off on us talking about him like he's not here," Cameron said with an amused smile.

"Of course he does," Tony said as he reached out and pinched a nipple. "But keeping the bottom happy is important if you want to keep playing. It's like I taught you guys on day one. If you want the girlfriends to let you near their asses, you have to make sure they enjoy the experience too. Brian's not that different from any other bitch. If you want the right to torture him, you have to make sure he enjoys the torture. Speaking of..." Tony bent over, and with a quick click, he'd locked a short chain between Brian's ankles.

"Let him hop up those stairs and that dildo in his ass is going to make him want to come so bad his eyes will water," Tony said with a wicked smile as he tweaked Brian's nose. "Do you want to babysit him going up the stairs or should I?"

"I've got him," Cameron said. After all, I'm inheriting his keys, so I better start showing I know the care and maintenance of a pet," he shrugged. "Go on then, frosh, get your ass upstairs and study."

Brian sighed through his nose and started shuffling his way to the stairs. This would hardly be the first time he'd studied in full bondage, but at least this time, the monster in his ass wasn't a vibrator. Hopping up the stairs with the dildo bouncing inside made Brian think that he might actually be up for a fifth round... maybe... if his cock didn't fall off from overuse first. Brian was halfway down the wall with Cameron trailing behind when the dildo up his ass started to buzz. Brian nearly went to his knees, and Cameron was right there at his elbow steadying him.

"Careful there, toy. Oh, that was the first of five levels of vibration, just to let you know. I bought a few new toys to celebrate inheriting you in a few months. Next year is going to be the best yet," Cameron said as he ran a hand over Brian's chest. "So get in there and make sure you get A's on all those tests." Cameron turned to go, and Brian was braced for it when the dildo went off again, only this time with enough vibration to make his eyes water as his cock tried valiantly to harden. Brian's father might be an asshole, but one of these days, Brian really needed to thank his old man for making him pledge a fraternity. Turning back toward his room, Brian shuffled as fast as he could in his shackles.



Brian watched the pledges leave the basement struggling not to laugh. The frat party was their last obstacle to becoming full-fledged members, but he was guessing that Brandon was going to wimp out and at least one of the others might follow.

"Wimps," Chad huffed.

"No joke," Cameron complained. He snapped his fingers and Brian slipped to the floor at Cameron's feet, kneeling silently. "You'd think we asked them to come to the party naked, not dressed like subs."

Eli belched loudly. "I don't like Brandon. Did you catch the look on his face?"

"Oh yeah," Cameron agreed. "What do you think, Toy, will Brandon show up?"

"He almost pissed his pants just hearing the words sub and leather," Brian said with a dismissive snort.

Eli laughed. "I wish he would have. Now that would be funny. Short of him pissing his pants, he's just boring. I'm saying it's a 'no' to that dweeb, even if he shows up at the party."

"Me too," Chad said, and then his head fell back against the couch as he returned to the land of the blissfully passed out.

"But Toy is not going dressed like those dweebish pledges," Cameron insisted. "I got something special for our boy." Cameron pointed toward the far end of the basement. "Go get the box behind the pool table." Cameron prodded Brian with his shoe, and he got up and headed for the far corner, his stomach caught between anxiety and excitement, and that was the perfect blend to make his cock sit up and take notice. He flinched as he bent over to grab the box because the cock cage was suddenly much, much tighter. "You're going to blush so hard you'll break blood vessels, not that anyone will notice," Cameron said mysteriously as Brian put the box down and returned to his knees. He really wished he could strip and maybe even tease one or two of the guys into using him, but Cameron had set his foot down. During hell week, the pledges got hazed, and Brian's ass was off limits. Personally, Brian thought he was getting it a lot worse than the pledges.

Cameron pulled the tape off the box and pulled out a pile of brown fabric. Brian frowned at it, not really understanding it until he saw the wide cartoon head. He could only blink at it. It was a dog.

"What's that?" Jerry asked, his voice blurred by the many beers he'd downed.

"It's a dog, moron," Pete offered.

"No shit."

Cameron interrupted them with a low laugh. "We're going to find out how deep Brian's humiliation kink goes," he said, and just that tone of voice, the challenge and heat in it, made Brian's cock ache in its cage. Obviously Brian's kink went pretty deep, even if he hadn't ever given much thought to playing dress-up in the past.

"Will everyone see me?" Brian asked, his voice shaky as he was again caught on the edge between desire and humiliation. It was a fine line, but it was pretty obvious that his cock liked the idea.

"Oh, yeah," Cameron nodded with a smirk. Brian swallowed and didn't say anything else as he fingered a furry paw. This was going to be an interesting party.

After seeing Cameron's plans, Brian spent most of Saturday looking up furries and fursuits and plushies online. Seeing the costumes didn't do anything for Brian, but the idea of everyone at college seeing him in one was both humiliating and exciting. And the idea of Cameron spending that much money on him was more than a little exciting. When Cameron bellowed down the hall, Brian was absent-minded rubbing his thighs on either side of his cock cage as he watched a plush YouTube video. Since the frat had discovered his secret, he'd never gone one day without having sex with one of them, and now he'd gone five days with no sex at all. As he hurried down the hall toward the basement stairs, he was seriously tempted to jump a frat brother, knock him down, and give him a blow job.

"Ready for this, Toy?" Chad asked as he clapped a hand on Brian's shoulder.

"Totally not. That's the fun of it," Brian answered with a grin. Chad just shook his head as Brian headed down the steps.

"Strip, Toy," Cameron ordered as he leaned back in Tony's old seat on the worn leather couch. Brian hurried to obey, stripping off his clothes and putting them in a drawer.

"Someone's horny, he's plugged himself," Eli laughed.

"He's just afraid after a whole week off he's going to be too tight for Chad," Jerry said as he aimed a pillow at Chad.

"You're a jealous bitch," Chad said as he dropped onto one of the couches.

"Jealous of Cameron. Man, when are you putting Toy back on the market?" Eli asked as he rubbed his crotch.

"Jesus, get a girlfriend," Mark said.

"Yeah, but I have to buy a girlfriend flowers and shit. You can just order Toy to bend over and take it."

"That's sounding disrespectful of our toy's mighty fine ass," Cameron said thoughtfully as Brian knelt at his feet. Cameron rested his hand on Brian's shoulder. "Are you feeling disrespected?"

"Will it get me sex if I say yes?" Brian asked with a bit of a smirk. After all, he was kneeling on a rug that hid tie-down points where he could be spread out and taken by the whole frat.

"Slut," Cameron said, but he sounded amused, so Brian still hoped for a little sex. "If you jerks want Toy's ass, I think you should pay for it. After all, you mutts don't bring him flowers or jewelry, so I think you should pay up to show your respect for his very fine ass."

"Seriously?" Jerry asked.

"Chad, string the toy up and let's start the bidding," Cameron answered him. Brian was so shocked he could only kneel silently as Chad when to the cabinet and brought out heavy leather cuffs.

"You could outbid all of us," Eli complained. "This doesn't feel fair."

"I promise to not bid at all since he's my toy and I can use him whenever I want. So, let's see who has enough respect to pay out for this very fine ass of his."

Chad had come over, and Brian offered his hands, feeling heat gathering in his guts as Chad buckled the heavy leather around his wrists. When he finished, Chad locked a chain to the D-rings set into the cuffs and then gave it a tug. Brian's cock tried valiantly to harden as he was again bound and helpless in the middle of all his frat brothers. Moving just slow enough to make Chad pulled on the chain, Brian followed as Chad hooked the chain to a heavy hook set into one of the exposed ceiling beams.

The basement still looked normal enough, old 70's wood paneling, stained floor carpets over concrete floors, a heavy pool table at one end and tired furniture clustered around a television on the other. However, Brian could see all the ways it had changed in the last year. The carpet in front of the couch hid tie down points set into the concrete for restraining Brian spread eagle. Several of the beams had heavy hooks from which punching bags were sometimes hung, but usually it was Brian strung up so tight his toes barely touched the floor. A large locking cabinet had come down the narrow stairs in pieces and then been assembled to hide all the bondage equipment. One wall had a large rack that was supposed to be for sports equipment, but it was more often used to tie him to it.

"So, who's going to start the bidding?" Cameron asked cheerfully.

"I'll pay fifty bucks," Chad offered as he gave Brian's ass a sharp enough slap that Brian yelped with surprise and took a small step forward that used up all the slack in his chain. Chad chuckled before reaching up and pulling on a nipple.

"Hey, no manhandling the merchandise before purchase," Cameron insisted.

"I got sixty bucks," Eli offered. A couple of the other guys looked at each other, but the room was pretty quiet. Jerry and Zeke were whispering.

"Sixty? You mutts are seriously cheap," Cameron complained. "Toy, give 'em a show, let they see what they're missing."

Brian flushed with embarrassment, and Cameron's expression quickly turned to a scowl as he just stood there. Okay, a show, he could do that. Brian started rocking from side to side, widening his legs and wiggling his hips as he watched the others.

"Zeke and I will go in together for eighty," Jerry offered.

"Hey, no fair pooling the money like that," Eli complained, but Cameron already had a brilliant smile on his face.

"Eighty, now that's more like it."

Eli glowered for a second before he turned to the others. "I want Brian's ass, so who will go in this with me and take his mouth?" Brian reflexively licked his lips in anticipation of having a cock to suck.

"I'll go in with you for thirty," Pete offered as he sat forward on his chair. Brian smiled at Pete. He liked sucking him because it took so damn long for Pete to come. His jaw would be sore, and his nose full of the musk from Pete's groin and the smell of latex before the man would finally come with little more than a grunt.

"That makes my total offer ninety," Eli said triumphantly.

Chad spoke up as he studied Brian's chained form. "I'll pay seventy for his ass. Pete, you in for thirty with me?"

"Hell yeah."

"Well, that makes my offer a hundred even." Chad circled Brian as the rest of the room went quiet.

"A hundred, that's all?" Cameron asked as he looked at the room.

"Man, I just had to pay tuition. I'd pay more if I had more," Eli said with a huff as he leaned back and looked up at the ceiling. "Now I have to go try and talk my way into some girl's pants... compliment her on her dancing or her appreciation of French literature or some shit like that."

"Cheap bastards," Cameron sighed. "But he's all yours boys," Cameron said as he waved his hand toward Brian. "I expect all bills to be paid by the end of the week."

Chad smiled as he stepped forward and pulled on Brian's nipple so hard that Brian strained forward, trying to take some of the pressure off. Then Chad's hand wandered down over his stomach and to the cock cage. "How long has it been since you came, Toy?"

"Six days," he answered with a shiver. Chad's deep voice could do that to him every time.

"Whatta think, Pete, do we let him come or leave the cage on?"

"I want him focused on me, not wondering when he's going to get to come, so I vote leave it on, but you're paying the big bucks."

Chad didn't answer, but his fingers left the edge of the cage and wandered to Brian's hips, holding him in a bruising grip as he smiled down with a sadistic expression that left no doubt in Brian's mind. He would not be coming today. Reaching up, Chad unhooked the chain and pulled on the cuffs until Brian's hands were behind his head, leaving his body undefended and exposed. "Let's take this upstairs," Chad suggested as he pushed Brian, forcing him to walk in front as Chad held the chain.

"Sounds good," Pete agreed, and the Brian was going up the narrow stairs and out into the hall. A quick turn, past a bathroom, and then to the only main floor bedroom where Brian slept when he wasn't sleeping at the foot of the frat president's bed. A large bed sat in the middle of the room, and Chad pushed him down onto it and then used one large hand to hold the chain and the back of Brian's neck so that cool links pressed into his skin.

The plug came out and fingers immediately thrust into him, stretching and teasing. Brian spread his legs and tried to just accept, but the growing need to come made him squirm until Chad pulled his fingers out and slapped him on the ass hard enough to leave his whole butt hot and itching... and leaving him even more sexually frustrated.

"Need lube?" Pete asked.

"Yeah, probably. I should get him a plug as big as me."

"He wouldn't be able to walk."

"So?" Chad rumbled the word with amusement, and Brian's eyes watered at the very thought of a plug as large as Chad's monster. The bed tilted, but Brian's head was turned the wrong way to watch Pete climb up, and Chad still had his neck in an unforgiving grip. Cold lube hit his ass, and Brian gasped.

"What's the matter, Toy? Is your ass a little cold? Need some warming up?" Chad asked as he worked finger in him, pushing the lube deeper.

"I'm ready for his mouth," Pete said and Chad pulled on the chain, half lifting Brian by his arms, and he struggled to get his knees onto the bed and move into position to suck Pete's cock. It was already hard and the condom gave it a shiny look as Chad manhandled him into position. For a second, Chad continued to hold his hands back behind his head, and Brian reached down, mouthing the head of Pete's cock awkwardly before Chad lowered him into position and let his hands go. Brian quickly slipped his hands under him so he could hold his own weight at he worked on Pete's cock.

He worked his lips on the ridge around the head, feeling the cock twitch and throb in his mouth as hands pulled at his ankles. Brian happily spread his feet and then sank down onto Pete's cock until it hit the back of his throat. Suckily, Brain pulled back as Chad's cock pushed against his opening.

Without the cock cage, he would have come already, especially after a week of forced abstinence, but Brian had to ignore his painfully intense frustration as he worked the cock in his mouth, pulling back until he had only the head in his mouth and then taking it deep into his mouth. Pete's hands grabbed at his hair, fisting it tightly as Chad breached the ring of muscle. Brian groaned at the rough use and squirmed as his body demanded more.

Slowly, Chad sank into him, that huge cock making Brian struggle to even breathe as he tried to force himself to relax around the enormous invader. His cock screamed in need as Chad pressed hard into his prostate. Chad started pulling out, and the relief from pressure and the frustration at the need from more brought tears to Brian's eyes as he focused on the cock in his mouth. At first, Chad worked a slow rhythm, and Brian sucked and bobbed his own head on Pete's cock in time with Chad's thrusts. However, Chad was going to come a whole lot faster than Pete. He was still working Pete up to a full fullness when Chad's thrusts became fast and erratic, strong hands grabbing him by the waist and lifting him as Chad thrust in harder and harder, skin slapping against skin, until Chad roared and came.

For a second, Brian paused, his brain on pleasure overload with both ends stuffed full and Chad breathing heavily behind him. Then Chad pulled out and the bed tilted as he climbed off. Focusing on the cock in his mouth, Brian shifted around to get a better angle for the long-term job. He hadn't shifted more than an inch when strong hands caught him, pinning his legs to the bed. Brian tried to look, but Pete's hands on his hair pulled tight, forcing his face back into Pete's groin as Pete's cock slid deep into Brian's mouth and slipped into his throat, even with the awkward angle.

"Stay," Chad said as he slapped the inside of first one of Brian's thighs and then the other. "I paid good money for this ass, and I'm going to see if I can't get a little of it back. Until Pete there comes, I'll offer any man who wants a chance to have your ass for fifteen bucks. I may even come out ahead," Chad said with a final slap to Brian's ass. He walked out, and Pete's grip on his head eased, allowing him to pull back and gasp for air through his nose.

Focusing on the cock at hand, Brian lay with his legs sprawled open waiting for the next frat brother to come and thrust into him for the price of fifteen dollars. And with his mouth around Pete's cock, as it would be for a good long time, Brian wouldn't even know which frat brother was behind him. His cock gave a hard twitch and threatened to come, cock cage or no. By the time Cameron put him in that dog suit, Brian was going to be willing to do anything if he could only come, he realized. And that's what made Cameron so damn good at playing with his Toy.



Brian knelt in front of Cameron, watching as Cameron used bondage tape to force his hands into fists. "How are the knees?" Cameron asked.

"They're fine," Brian answered. The costume had thick kneepads built into it, but the costume's legs were also short, requiring his ankles to be chained to his thighs so that his legs would stay bent inside the costume. The dark brown fabric wasn't heavy, but loose folds like a bloodhound's skin would hopefully hide the fact that he was naked and plugged. Cameron brought up one of the front paws, fitting it over Brian's fisted hand and fastening it at the wrist so there would be no real chance for Brian to wiggle free.

Brian groaned at the thought of being locked into the costume all night. With a smile, Cameron started work on Brian's second hand.

Of course, Cameron's own costume for the frat's theme party might be contributing to the lusty thoughts. He had on tight leather pants and a leather harness with wide metal rings connecting the straps and a vest. However, he clearly wasn't going as a sub. He had heavy boots and a thick whip hanging from his waist. With his dark looks, he seemed dangerous and commanding.

"All done." The black bondage tape encased Brian's fist. "You are so very easy," Cameron said with a smile as he nudged Brian's trapped cock as it pressed against the clear plastic. "Last year was hell, having to ask Tony for permission to use you. This year I just have to make sure I don't let my grades drop now that you're at my mercy." Cameron ran a hand over Brian's shoulder before he pulled the paw into place over Brian's bound hand and then pulled the zipper up over Tony's stomach and tightened the built in collar.

Looking down at his body, Brian had to admit it was a pretty fair dog costume. The folds of brown fabric made him look like a cross between a St. Bernard and a bloodhound. He got up onto all fours and wiggled his ass so that his heavy tail swung from side to side. He nearly fell over as he struggled to find his balance. Cameron caught him with a hand on his hip.

"Having my feet chained up leaves me a little off balance, and the paws don't help much either," Brain confessed as he looked at the paws built into the knees of the costume. He kept wanting to straighten out his legs, but with his ankles chained to his thighs, he couldn't. He shifted, getting the feel for moving in this costume. Oh god, he wanted to masturbate right now. He looked sadly at his groin covered by the costume, the cock cage, and the harness that kept him from pushing his plug out.

"I don't think puppies go around complaining about their balance," Cameron said. Brian was busy exploring his range of motion, so he didn't catch the meaning of that right away, not until Cameron stood up and headed for the cabinet. Following awkwardly on oversized paws that flopped against the basement floor, Brian strained to see which gag Cameron was going for.

"This should keep the puppy happy," Cameron said as he turned around with a small penis gag in hand. When Cameron bent over, Brian quickly opened his mouth and let Cameron buckle it around his head. This particular gag was small enough to be comfortable, and the plastic was worn, grooves from Brian's teeth having scored the surface.

"Good boy," Cameron said as he patted Brian on the head, and not for the first time, Brian wondered if Cameron were honestly gay. Most of the guys had proved that they were bisexual at the very least, but Cameron was taking the games farther, indulging in kinks that were just as much about his needs as Brian's.

"If you need something, you nudge my knee and we'll head for the bathroom," Cameron said as he walked over to the dog head that was still sitting on the couch. Brian followed, finally figuring out how to throw his hands wide so that he didn't get caught up on the paws. He was the most awkward dog in history. "And the final bit..." Cameron held up the head. The nose was a little too short for the face and the eyes too large making it definitely more cartoonish than realistic. Brian could only blink as Cameron got it on him and then worked to fasten it to the collar.

Brian could see out the huge eyes which were made of black fabric, but it was a surreal experience. He could only see a small part of the basement at once, and without craning his neck, his best view was of Cameron's knees. He always got horny when he had both his hands and his mouth taken away, and the idea of people actually seeing him was making his cock ache.

"Heel, boy," Cameron said as he headed for the stair, standing to one side so that Brian could go first. Feeling powerless, horny, and frustrated, Brian started awkwardly up the stairs, Cameron's steady hand resting on his ass, either to help prevent a fall or to cop a feel... who knew.

Upstairs, the frat house was dim and the music was deafening, and Brian had an odd view of everyone's knees. A tug on his neck pulled him toward the living room, and Brian realized that Cameron had put him on a leash. The humiliation and the heat both gathered in his stomach as he followed, brushing against legs and shouldering at least one guy out of his way to avoid getting dragged. The effort it took to navigate through the crowd without tripping on his paws distracted him until Cameron threw himself down on the couch, shoving Jerry to one side. Jerry's beer sloshed out onto the couch and he looked peeved for half a second until he saw who had shoved him, and then he scooted over.

"Here, Rover," Jerry slurred, patting his knee. Brian looked toward Cameron, but he was busy chatting up a girl dressed like a dominatrix. However, he had Brian's leash tightly wrapped around his fist. "Here, boy. Hey, does someone have a rolled up newspaper?" Jerry laughed. A girl dressed like a Roman slave laughed with him and sat on the edge of the couch flashing lacy underwear that was definitely not authentic to the period. Brian quickly shifted to Jerry's feet before anyone offered a newspaper.

"Awwww. What a cute puppy," the girl offered as she reached down and patted Brian.

"Yep, cute, that's the word," Jerry agreed as he gave Brian a few friendly slaps on the shoulder. "Hey, Cameron, does your dog do tricks?" Jerry asked loud enough to catch a couple of people's attention. Brian could see the knees turn toward him, and the room grew suddenly hot as he blushed madly.

"I don't know. Let's see," Cameron said with that enthusiastic cheerfulness that warned Brian that the frat president was enjoying himself way too much. He gave the leash a tug, and Brian turned back to sit at Cameron's feet.

"Good doggie," the dominatrix said as she reached over and patted his head. "Bark, doggie."

"Nope," Cameron said, holding up a hand imperiously. "I think dogs should be seen and not heard. I hate yappy dogs. Now begging? I like a dog that begs. Beg, boy, come on, beg," Cameron urged in that silly voice full grown men used on babies and animals. The heat gathered in both Brian's face and his groin as he leaned back and brought his front legs up in a begging gesture. Several people laughed and a few clapped as Brian put his paws back on the ground.

"Hey, nice dog," Chad offered as he grabbed Jerry and yanked him off the couch to make room. "Where the hell are those pledges with the beer?" he demanded.

"They're getting harassed," the Roman slave girl laughed as she pointed. Brian had to tip his head all the way back and to the side to see Rick with a bucket full of beers shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot as two girls dressed like biker chicks played with his leash, pulling close and then pushing him away.

"Rick, get your ass over here," Chad bellowed over the general din of the party, and Rick physically jumped. Brian lowered his head, but the two girls must have let Rick go because he was there holding the bucket out for Chad to pick a beer. The short shorts and the weightlifting wrist bands certainly worked for the required 'sub' costume the pledges had been ordered to wear, but Brian was guessing Rick was going to forget this night as soon as he could. As soon as Chad had his beer, he practically ran away, his bare feet dodging around Brian without any hesitation.

"What else the dog do?" Chad asked as he twisted the top off his beer and flicked it to the floor. The pledges were going to have a miserable weekend cleaning up this mess.

"Let's see," Cameron said cheerfully. "Roll over boy," he ordered with a flick of the leash.

Brian blushed so hard he was surprised he didn't catch the damn costume on fire, but that just make his cock throb even more. His balls were starting to feel like they'd been stretched... that same sore ache he got after Tony had played with that ball stretcher. Awkwardly shuffling to the side, he put his shoulder to the ground and started to roll, but Cameron's foot on his shoulder stopped him so he was trapped on his back. Holding his legs up, Brian squirmed as the feeling of utter helplessness damn near pushed him over the edge, cock cage or no.

"Who wants to rub the puppy's tummy?" Cameron practically sang out. Laughter followed, and the way that the dog's head was built, Brian couldn't see as person after person rubbed his stomach, some pressing firmly and teasingly close to his groin, others merely tickling him with gentle and hesitant touches. Brian arched his back and gulped air through his nose as he tried to control the blinding waves of aching need that ripped through him.

"Up, boy," Cameron ordered as his foot moved and Brian had to squirm and wiggle to try and get back onto hands and knees.

"Can I ride the puppy?" a girl asked. She'd come to the party dressed as a nurse, and Brian could see her white shoes and stockings right in front of his nose.

"It's one full on kiss per puppy ride, and he'll take you around the couch," Cameron offered, and Brian knew that cocky tone of voice. The girl's legs moved between Cameron and Brian, and for a second, the leash tightened, pulling Brian so close that his shoulder pressed into Cameron's knee. When Brian tilted his head up, he got a view of the girl's white thong and nearly naked ass as she straddled one of Cameron's legs and kissed him deeply. She finally came up for air and looked down at him for a second before reaching over hand patting the side of the dog head.

"That's good for two trips around the couch," Cameron said as he squeezed the girl's thigh. "Take care of my girl, puppy. I'd hate to have to punish you and put you outside."

That threat actually worried Brian, but then Cameron's foot came up and nudged against Brian's groin in a promise that Brian could easily interpret. So when the girl got on his back and Cameron handed the leash over, Brian started crawling around the couch, detouring around legs as random people reached down and patting him or called him a dog. This was the pinnacle of humiliation, and Brian could have come all over the floor if not for the cock cage.

Brian finished his two rounds with the nurse and returned to Cameron's feet, sitting down doggy style with his front end still up, and the nurse flailed and went sliding off onto the floor. The whole room roared with laughter, and Cameron reached down to pat his shoulder. "Twice around for the slave girl, dog," Cameron ordered as he picked up the leash the nurse had dropped and handed it over to the next girl.

The idea of having to serve as their beast of burden all night was enough to make Brian hesitate as he struggled to get his lust back under control. Cameron gave him a second before delivering a sharp slap to the ass that sent Brian forward, and the slave girl quickly sat on his back. Sighing through his nose, Brian lumbered forward awkwardly on his paws and started around trip around the couch. Who knew that Cameron could sexually torture him so well without even touching him?



Brian knelt at Eli's feet as the junior finished his cigarette and dropped it on the back patio before grinding it underfoot. "Stupid assholes," he mumbled as he sat on the patio chair and dropped a hand to Brian's shoulder. Brian couldn't answer, but if he could, he'd agree. The party had been awesome. The pledges had survived playing subs for the night... well, except for Brandon who hadn't shown. The guests had a great time dressing up in kinkwear, and many of them had gone above and beyond with the costumes. So, why two idiots wanted to try and start a fight was anyone's guess. Now trying to start a fight in Chad's frat... that was just stupid. Of course, if Chad got hurt knocking some sense into tweedle-dumb and tweedle-dumber, the coach was going to kill all of them, and not even the fact that Brian had been tied up and gagged for the night was going to convince the coach to spare him.

Eli patted him again as he idly swirled the last of his beer in the bottle. The music had stopped some time ago, but random curses and muffled voices were still drifting out from the frat house. Brian shifted from one front paw to the other as he shrugged a shoulder in search of an itch, and Eli reached down and started scratching his whole back.

Unable to say anything, Brian wiggled his butt to make his tail wag.

"Slut," Eli said affectionately.

"You guys okay out here?" Cameron asked, and Brian tilted his dog head in that direction. Cameron looked tired with a side of angry.

"We're fine. So, did the house survive the moron twins?"

"Yeah. Chad convinced them of the error of their ways."

"Anyone need a hospital?" Eli asked as he took a drink of his beer and then made a face at the taste. Cameron reached over, and he surrendered Brian's leash.

"Nah. Chad just gave them a few bruises and shoved them into cabs."

Eli nodded and was quiet for a second. "Look, I'm heading up. And if I find any beautiful and kink coeds in my bed, I'm so tired I might just kick them out."

"Yeah, it's about dawn. Just kick the pledges and make sure they're cleaning before you go up, huh?" Cameron asked.

"You got it." Eli got up and headed for the house and Brian shifted closer to Cameron so that he could lean into the other man's leg.

"You've got to be tired, boy," he said as he bent down and thumped Brian in the side. Brian nodded, his neck starting to get sore from the costume. It had been comfortable at the beginning of the night, but now he was feeling warm and stuffy and his neck ached a bit. However, none of that could take the edge off the need he could still feel wrapping around him. Well, he couldn't talk, and he was supposed to be a dog, so....

Brian faced Cameron and knelt up, putting his paws on the other man's stomach before he started humping Cameron's leg.

Cameron laughed, his voice booming in the pre-dawn silence. "Slut," he repeated Eli's word, but then it was a pretty good word to use on Brian. Funny, he really hadn't been before the frat. Before the frat, his experience was limited to one part-time boyfriend, an awkward encounter in the back of a club, and a lot of time with his own hand and a little self-bondage. Now he could definitely qualify as a slut.

"We're not going in the house. I have a plan for bringing the pledges into our little club, but that does not include them seeing this." Cameron looked around for a second. "But fuck, I've waited long enough and you are just a little too much temptation for me." He wrapped the leash around his fist and headed into the small backyard. There was a tree overgrown with thick elderberry bushes, and Cameron pulled him behind that.

Brian had grown pretty comfortable with the suit, and he wiggled his ass to wag his tail as Cameron pulled him into the shade between the bushes and the back fence. Before Tony was president, the old frat president had tried to grow marijuana here because the spot was sheltered from any prying eyes. Almost immediately, Cameron was fumbling at the tail, pulling on it so that Brian sat, thinking that was what Cameron wanted only to get ordered back up.

The fresh air brushing across his butt finally clued Brian in. The damn suit had a back door, and Cameron planned to use it. Strong fingers pulled at his harness, pressing the thick plug deep in before unbuckling it and pulling the plug out altogether.

The emptiness felt strange, and Brian wiggled as an invitation for Cameron to fill it with something a little more substantial.

"Patience, pup," Cameron said with a chuckle, and then Brian could hear the click as the lock came off his cock cage. He widened his knees and waited as Cameron pulled the plastic off. At once, Brian was hard and he needed to come worse than ever. "No making a mess in the suit," Cameron ordered as he knelt behind, and then a condom was slipped over his cock.

That more than anything made Brian's eyes water in need. He was going to get to come. After a night of serving and humiliation, and a week of not coming, the need was almost overpowering, and Brian whined deep in his throat, wanting Cameron's cock in him so he could come.

Cameron stroked his hole with hand-warmed lube, slipping a finger in teasingly before he pulled back. Then something wider pressed against his hole. Brian threw his head back and whined louder as Cameron slammed in with no more preparation. Gasping through his nose, Brian squirmed and arched his back, but strong hands at his waist took control, forcing him into a slower pattern of thrusts than he wanted, and he couldn't do anything about it.

Even without the speed Brian preferred, he could feel his orgasm grow, his heavy balls drawing up until he finally screamed into his gag and came in a brilliant flare of hunger and need that made everything vanish. His body tightened, his ass clenching around the cock in his ass, and then Cameron was coming with a hoarse cry. Panting heavily, Brian's muscles were shaking as Cameron pulled out and then carefully pulled the condom off Brian. A warm hand patted his naked ass.

"Good dog," Cameron said with some humor in his voice. Brian gave a snort that might have been lost inside the dog's head, and then Cameron was back to business, carefully locking up Brian's cock and putting the plug back in place before tightening the harness around both. Brian wiggled to get everything comfortably situated, and then the dog suit was zipped up over his ass and the tail messed with so that Brian was again all tucked away in his costume.

"Come on, boy," Cameron called as he picked up the leash and headed for the house. "Let's go see if those pledges are getting their work done. If not, I might let you bite them." Brian wagged his tail as he followed his owner back up to the frat house. A dog's life wasn't bad after all.


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