All Dressed Up

"Oh, wow, okay," Willow watched as Tara came out of the bathroom. "That's not the costume we talked about."

"You hate it," Tara said with a frown. "I should change."

"No, I don't hate it. I really don't hate it," Willow hurried to say as she considered her girlfriend. Tara had all her hair tucked up under a top hat and the tux she was wearing was definitely not NOT-hot. In fact, it was hot in an odd sort of way.

"I thought I would escort you to the party in style," Tara offered shyly.

"I'd be honored." Willow smiled at the thought of the two of them showing up for Riley's frat party dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Hot Stuff. Willow knew she looked good decked out as Glenda the good witch, and Tara.... The more she looked at Tara, the more she definitely liked that costume.

"What gave you the idea to wear that?"


"Xander? My Xander?" Even when Tara nodded, Willow still couldn't quite figure out why Xander would have suggested a tux. Maybe he thought she was ashamed of going out with a woman, but she wasn't. Tara must have noticed her confusion because she stepped close and laid a hand on Willow's arm.

"He told me about the clothing fluke."

"Oh, the tux that led to illicit kissage," Willow said as the lightbulb went off for her. "And is it slightly to the side of the weird that one of my best friends who I had a huge crush on is trying to help my girlfriend get me hot and bothered?"

Tara smiled. "No weirder than anything else around here."

"Point," Willow admitted.

"Is it working?"

"What? The weird being weird or the tux getting me hot and bothered?" Willow smiled as Tara blushed. Tara was everything she ever wanted in someone: smart, beautiful, magical, loyal. Sometimes Willow had trouble believing that Tara was hers, that she deserved something so good in her life.

"The second," Tara said.

"Oh, totally. I mean, you're always beautiful, but there is something about a tux." Willow could feel herself respond even as she said it.

"People in tuxes and evening gowns are so glamorous."

"Big with the glamour," Willow nodded as she thought about her own parents getting dressed up for some charity event. When she was little, before she started school, they would take her with them, and she'd sit in the hotel room and watch them get ready. "When my dad dressed up in a tux, he and my mom always looked at each other like they were really in love. They didn't look at each other like that very often." Willow stopped. She wasn't going to cry and she wasn't going to make some sort of big deal out of this. Yeah, her parents weren't the best. They still beat Xander's and Tara's parents on the whole suck-scale of parentage.

"I never saw my mom and dad actually caring for each other, but in the story books, the prince would always sweep in and rescue the princess. I know I'm not really the one doing the rescuing here, but you look like a princess, so I thought I might be your prince."

"Prince, princess, either way, you're the only one I want rescuing me," Willow said as she slipped a hand around Tara's waist. "As long as we're talking about rescue as a metaphor for sex because if we're talking about rescuing from vampires and random baddies of the night, I’m still okay with Buffy doing that."

"Me too," Tara smiled.

"But you are seriously hot in that," Willow whispered as she ran her hand up Tara's arm.

"You think so?"

"Oh yeah. It makes me wonder what you have on under it. I can't decide which would be sexier, lacy things or guys boxers." Willow wiggled her eyebrows at her girlfriend and Tara laughed as she shimmied free of Willow's embrace and started unbuttoning the trousers.

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours," she teased as she opened the button.

Willow giggled and flipped her skirt up to flash pink panties at Tara.

"That doesn't count. I should do a proper inspect of those, ma'am," Tara said in a deep voice.

"Oh, you men are all alike," Willow played along with a smile.

Tara blushed. "All the same, if I can't do a proper inspection, you won't get your prize," she said as she took off the top hat and put it on the dresser.

"Fine. Get your way," Willow teased in dramatic fashion as she twirled to make her skirt kick out and then pulled her skirt up over her head before laying on the bed. Delicate fingers slipped under the elastic of her panties, and Willow squirmed as the lust just continued to build, but with the skirt up over her head, she really couldn't do much. She wasn't used to being the passive one in bed, but now Tara's hands firmly grasped her hips before a mouth started sucking her right through the panties.

"Oh goddess," Willow yelped as she involuntarily squirmed. She could feel herself get wet, and Tara slipped a finger into her panties, rubbing the moisture on her clit. Willow orgasmed fasted than she ever expected, and then Tara pulled her panties down, sucking on her as she rode a wave through orgasm two and three. Finally Willow's panties were put carefully back in place and her skirt pulled back down.

Willow could only owlishly blink at her girlfriend for a second, and she watched silently as Tara pulled her trousers over her shoes.

She had the whole ensemble: men's tighty whities, black socks, those funny sock guard things that only men over fifty actually used. And Tara's tux tails hung low, making those men's underwear appear only in flashes.

"Like what you see?"

"I'll need to do a closer inspection," Willow said firmly as she pulled Tara down next to her on the narrow bed. "This is..."

"Weird?" Tara supplied.

"Maybe a little," Willow admitted, "but the weird is way nothing compared to the hot. Very hot, a little weird."

Tara ducked her head, and Willow reached down and slipped her fingers through the slot in the underwear that should have been for a penis. Inside, she could feel the curled hairs. Tara shifted and widened her legs, and Willow pulled out, slipping her fingers in from the side this time. Willow wasn't surprised to find Tara wet, and she rubbed her finger in the moisture, stroking Tara the full length of her genitals several times before she focused in on the clit. Rubbing the little mound, she could feel it harden and hear Tara's breath become ragged.

Pulling the underwear down, Willow slipped her fingers inside Tara and sucked at the clit, tasting the salt and sweat as Tara started to buck under her. Tara gasped, and Willow could feel the muscles tighten in orgasm. Pulling her fingers out, she rubbed Tara's clit harder, pulling another orgasm out of her before slowly easing back and letting Tara catch her breath.

"So, you like the costume," Tara said playfully.

"Oh yeah. Yeah, I think I really do," Willow answered with a smile. "I also think we're so going to be late for that party."

"All for a good cause?" Tara asked.

"The best cause in the world," Willow immediately answered, and Tara was the best cause in the world. She was the best thing that had ever happened to Willow, and she wasn't going to turn into her parents. She was going to take every last chance to love Tara and be loved in return. Even if they were going to be really, really late. But if they were going to be late anyway.... Willow looked over at Tara laying there looking debauched in her tux top and men's underwear, and she gave a wicked smile.

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