"Hey, luv," Spike said as he dropped down on the end of the couch. Willow looked up from her book and smiled.


"You reading that Cialroux bollocks again? Peaches will figure this rot out; you don't have to go ruining your eyes over the great pouf's latest bit of stupidity." Spike plucked the book out of Willow hands even as she scrambled to get a better hold on it.

"Spike! He has a very good section on dimensional demons in there. Give that back."

"Let the pretty boy read it," was Spike's suggestion as he tossed the book toward Angel who was currently reading a huge thing that looked like it had been bound with cured demon skin.

"Angel, do something with your childe," Willow complained, but Spike could hear the amusement in her voice. He dropped down on the couch and captured her feet, pulling them into his lap.

"You do something with him," Angel answered with an aggravated sigh.

"Oi. Wot? You got your head up your arse again? Do I have to come over there and kick your arse to get you to stop brooding because you're spoiling the mood here." Spike gave Willow a leer and stroked her leg under the blanket. Even now, years later, she still blushed.

"Take it upstairs," Angel said sharply.

"Bloody hell, no, and watch your bloody tone with Red because if you make my girl unhappy, I'll make you one sorry mick." Spike smiled at his girl and the red comment was truer of her face than her hair right now. Soddin' sweet the way she had all that power and she still blushed when Spike .

"You'll... what?" Angel looked up from his book in surprise, and Spike glared at him. Angel's only response was to roll his eyes and sigh.

"No, hey, if we aren't with the helping, maybe we should go upstairs. I am kinda tired, in the I've been reading that book for a lot longer than I thought I had been kinda way," Willow hurried to say, still quick to jump in between them to cut off any fights.

"I didn't mean to kick you out of your own living room," Angel quickly answered as he finally shut that huge book of his. "I'm sorry, Willow."

"Um, I think I'm on the obsessive demon-researching bandwagon with you," Willow laughed lightly. "Spike's the one who's trying to drag us off, so you don't need to apologize to me."

"Soddin' right, you both need to apologize to me for leaving me to be bored bloody stupid while you two go digging through books." Spike leaned back on the couch and crossed his arms as he glared at both of them. Willow's feet wiggling in his lap distracted him a bit and Spike groaned.

"Don't encourage him," Angel said with a half sigh, but from Willow's small smile, she wasn't fooled a bit by the great prat's expression. Angel bloody loved getting teased and dragged out of his dusty books, even if he never would admit it. Spike had given up trying to get Angel to confess that years ago. Instead he just stroked up and down Willow's leg twisting a bit as Willow's feet teased him. If threats couldn't get Angel off that chair, then the combined pheromones of his two lovers should be able to.

"You two are incorrigible," Angel sighed as he realized Willow had switched sides again. His research companion was now working her toes in Spike's lap, giving him that small smile that meant she had some devious plan in her head, and Spike loved it. He also loved the fact that with Willow in his corner, he'd be able to drag his wanker of a sire out of this library long enough for a shag and some blood and maybe a quick patrol before he'd lock himself in here again. Of course, by then Red would have switched sides again, and she'd be in here reading until her eyes failed her even with the special lamps, but that was Red's nature. She was the metronome that clicked between them. She switched from Spike's playful lover to Angel's serious one, from Spike's hunting partner to Angel's study partner, from the pixie to the shy girl who blushed.

Spike gave her a leer before dropping her feet off his lap and pouncing on her, holding most of his own weight on his elbows as he stared down at her through demon eyes. "Not nice to tease, pet," he pointed out.

"It's only teasing if you aren't planning to go all the way," she answered smugly as she caught the back of his thigh with her ankle.

"I know I'm too old to do this on the couch. Let's go upstairs," Angel said with a tone of voice that made it sound like he was suffering through some great ordeal and would rather get through it now than have it hanging over his head. Willow and Spike traded amused looks. Yeah, neither one was buying that act anymore, not after sixty years of faked brooding. Spike stroked Willow's gray hair and smiled down at the woman who'd spend half a century between him and his sire.

"Hear that? Peaches is getting too old for the couch," Spike said with a wicked smile.

"He is three hundred. Four if you count the time in hell," she said thoughtfully.

"I'm not that old," Angel immediately protested. Spike just rolled his eyes. Sometimes Angel was frighteningly human.

"Maybe we should remind him that you're never too old for couch sex," Willow said seriously, her deep-set eyes twinkling in a field of wrinkles.

"Bloody right, pet," Spike agreed. Lowered his head, he gently kissed the juncture between her neck and shoulder and started showing Angel exactly how it was done. He didn't stop until he felt large hands on his own back. Mission successful.

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