Not a Bad Day

"Damn it," Casey whispered to himself as he watched that idiot come strolling up the walk. This mission would be so much easier without all these damn civilians. His hand to his earpiece, he listened to see if anyone in Chuck's place had noticed the moron yet. From the sounds, they were all still too busy rummaging through doors. Sloppy work. Casey hated sloppy work, except when it was the other side doing it, then it didn't bother him so much.

Earpiece still in place, Casey stepped out of his apartment and into Morgan's path.

"Casey. Hey. Didn't expect to see you here," Morgan said as he slid back an inch. Casey pressed forward.

"I live here."

"Well, yeah, but I don't normally see you. It's like you avoid me," Morgan pointed out, and Casey couldn't argue the logic of that. Normally he would go out of his way to avoid Morgan, but right now he didn't have a choice. If Morgan walked in on the rogue agents currently searching Chuck's place, he'd be dead. And while that wouldn't necessarily inspire wailing and tears, the investigation that would follow sure would.

Why did he let Sarah talk him into this stupidity in the first place? First rule of the spy business was to not get personally involved, and she had blown that rule to hell and was dragging Casey down with her. Well, maybe it wasn't the first rule exactly. The first rule would be to not get dead, followed closely by not pissing off your bosses and avoiding Russian vodka. Not letting yourself feel anything for your asset probably came in at about seventh, but still, it was a rule.

"I'm just going to see Chuck," Morgan pointed over Casey's shoulder after a minute of silence.

"He's not there," Casey grunted, hoping this numbnull would get the point.

"That's okay. I'll just go in through the window," Morgan offered as he tried to step around Casey. Casey sidestepped back into his path.

"Casey?" Morgan asked as he inched back another half-step. Felt good having someone respect the fact that Casey knew how to break every bone in a man's body, even if Morgan didn't exactly know that. He knew Casey was dangerous, and that was enough. However, if Morgan went in that window, two rogue agents trying to figure out how Chuck and his sister rated NSA and CIA surveillance were going to put a bullet right between the eyes. Since subtle wasn't cutting it, Casey decided to poke at the soft underbelly of every red-blooded American male.

"How long you going to play this game, pretending that you only think of Chuck as a friend?" Casey asked with an unpleasant smile. Morgan's eyes went comically large.


Casey snorted. "Please. Sneaking in his window, sharing a Halloween costume, the way you shit your pants when you thought he might get married." Casey huffed and turned his head so he could concentrate for a second on the earpiece. Nice. They'd found the decoy Sarah had left. He might get out of this without watching his career go down the toilet, as long as he could keep Morgan out of there.

"Me? Hey, no way. I am totally in lust with Chuck's sister. Ask her. We're talking restraining order levels of yearning and inappropriate lust."

"Right, like that proves anything," Casey said as he stepped closer, angling so that Morgan was caught between Casey's chest and the brick arch. "You tell yourself that you're chasing the girl, but you pick a girl with the perfect fiancée, someone you'll never get, someone who gives you an excuse to show up in Chuck's room and catch him coming out of his bathroom in nothing but a towel." Casey pressed close enough that he could feel the heat of Morgan's body. Right, time for this little rabbit to panic and run for home now.

"That was an accident. I was borrowing a game," Morgan insisted, his eyes even wider.

"And jumping on him, hugging him by wrapping your legs around him in the middle of the store?" Casey demanded. He backed up a step to give Morgan a clear shot at the street. Come on, take off running now, you little shit.

Casey gritted his teeth as he divided his attention between the earpiece and Morgan's panicked expression. The agents were reporting in now. Dr. Devon, eco terrorist, literature connecting him to Earth First. Personally, Casey thought it was a stupid cover, but this was Sarah's mission. He just needed to keep everyone away while the rogues took the bait. Well, that and he needed to not get caught keeping everyone away because if the general found out he was off-mission protocol and helping Sarah, he was going to be guarding ice in Alaska for the rest of his career. Either that or he was going to have a cell right next to Chuck in that secure underground bunker. The agents finished their report. Sounded like they were planting some bugs now.

Casey turned his attention to Morgan who had just put his hand on Casey's chest and was pushing. Casey glanced down at the offending hand and frowned. Morgan yanked it back.

"Not that there's anything wrong with being gay, but I am not," Morgan was saying, but instead of running, he was trying to get around Casey and to that damn apartment. "I am just going to get a game."

Casey had to side step again to stop Morgan, and now he was getting mad. "The only game is you denying what you are," Casey said as he coldly reached out and grabbed Morgan's crotch. That would make him run.

Morgan's mouth fell open and his hand came up to grab Casey's shoulder as he gave something that sounded like an 'eep.' Also, he didn't run. "I… You… Chuck… I should go." Morgan stuttered the words, and Casey let go, noticing that Morgan was already starting to harden. Well, that explained why he wasn't running like a man with his pants on fire. Then again, maybe it didn't since Casey found that the ones who were interested in men actually tended to respond faster to a homosexual accusation. Casey stepped back, raised an eyebrow, and waited for Morgan to run for home with his tail between his legs.

Morgan started forward. What the hell? What did it take to get this moron to go away? Casey reached out and grabbed Morgan by the shirt. "Still panting after Chuck?" he demanded.

Morgan grabbed his arm, struggling to break free, but Casey just slowly lifted the man to his toes. "Get a life," Casey suggested before dropping him.

"Buddy," Morgan said, panting and poking a finger toward Casey, "I'm going to tell Chuck. You are in so much trouble. Big Mike, he likes Chuck, and Chuck likes me and when they find out…" Chatter came over the earpiece.

SHIT. He had to shut this fucker up. Well, he'd done worse for his country and his career. Casey stepped forward and kissed Morgan. He wrapped his hands around Morgan's face, holding him still while Casey pillaged his mouth—commanded, demanded, took all control as Morgan's hands scrambled against his shoulders. The agents inside conferred, and Casey's shoulder blades itched from being so exposed.

Pulling back, he glanced around casually. No one had a bead on him, but this wasn't the safest place to stand. When he looked down, Morgan had a glazed and stupid expression that suggested he would probably just stand there staring at space if Casey let him go. Even worse, the idiot would probably head for Chuck's window again.

Casey fisted Morgan's shirt and dragged the man toward his apartment door. "Come on," he growled. Morgan didn't even answer as he stumbled after Casey, his dick so hard it made one hell of a lump in his pants that showed when his shirt rode up.

Casey pushed open his apartment door. Shit. Way too many chances for Morgan to see something he shouldn't in here. Luckily, right now, Morgan didn't seem to be seeing anything. Casey kicked the door shut and pushed Morgan around, shoving him face first into the door.

"I really should go find Chuck," Morgan muttered into the door. Oh man, this guy had a one track mind. Well, if all else failed, run the train off the tracks. Casey reached around and started unbuckling Morgan's pants.

"You really… I mean…."

"Shut up," Casey ordered. Strangely, it worked. Casey got Morgan's pants open, and shoved them down to his thighs. The cock that popped out was already hard, and Morgan started making needy little noises deep in his throat. It was nice for a change to be the one seducing instead of getting seduced, tied up and held at gunpoint. Not that Casey was seducing Morgan… he was just doing what was necessary.

Over the earpiece, the rogue agents were conferring with their handler. They'd found the list of Devon's travels and were trying to determine if he had any connection to the water treatment contamination a few months back. Hopefully they'd decide he did and promptly ignore Sarah and Casey as two agents stuck on some dumb-ass mission against some second-rate eco terrorist. Of course if the general found this out, spying on an eco-terrorist was going to be the best job Casey could hope for.

"I can leave," Morgan said softly, and Casey realized that he had stopped touching Morgan and was simply holding him trapped against the door.

"Got condoms?" Casey asked. Morgan swallowed and shook his head.

"Lose the pants and stay here," Casey ordered as he hoped the hard and leaking cock would keep Morgan inside where he couldn't get himself killed or blow Casey's mission. It only took him seconds to grab a condom and lube and take a quick look at the external surveillance camera. The rogue van hadn't moved.

Casey got back to the door and Morgan was naked below the waste, his legs open and his palms flat against the door. Idiot was about as helpless as a man could get, but he was just resting his forehead against the wood and breathing heavy. Casey brushed his ass, and Morgan yelped and then quickly tried to stifle it.

Now that made Casey smile. Felt nice to feel an honest reaction under his hands. There wasn't any pretense here, just need, and Morgan was starting to tremble in need. Quickly lubing a finger, Casey slipped it into Morgan without giving him a chance to get tense about it.

"I don't—I never…"

"Shut up," Casey repeated, and again, it worked. Casey slowly worked his finger in and out, his other hand braced against Morgan's hip as he listened to the earpiece. These idiots were buying the eco-terrorist story. When Casey pressed deep into Morgan's body, Morgan gasped and started wiggling around.

"You move a lot, don't you," Casey commented. Before Morgan could answer, Casey followed up with a "Shut up." He was actually enjoying this, enjoying having someone so honestly and helplessly needing him, and the last thing he wanted was for Morgan to open his mouth and ruin a perfectly passable moment with some lame-ass comment.

Casey slipped a second finger in, and Morgan gasped and jerked so hard he thunked his head against the door. "Ow!" he yelped, and then quickly added. "I know, I know, shut up. This is me shutting up." And then Casey started spreading his two fingers and Morgan's words faded into hungry and needy sounds that weren't any language Casey knew. Morgan flopped his head back, pressing against the door and back into Casey, but Casey easily held his ground, holding Morgan in place while the man practically danced from foot to foot on Casey's fingers. It wasn't even clear if Morgan was trying to get away from the intrusion or press down into it, but at least he wasn't trying to leave.

"You ready for this?" Casey asked in Morgan's ear as he unzipped his pants and pulled his own hard cock out. Been too damn long, that's for sure. Morgan stopped his dance and shuddered with his whole body before he nodded eagerly.

"Needy little puppy, aren't you?" Casey observed when he pulled his fingers out to work the condom. Morgan put his forehead to the door and thrust his hips back and stood trembling. In his earpiece, Casey could hear the rogue agents leave. "Last chance to leave," Casey offered as he stood behind Morgan, his own hard cock in hand. Morgan didn't move an inch.

Casey added more lube and pressed the head of his cock against Morgan's hole. Damn. He was so tight that Casey had to grit his teeth and ride through the initial pain of getting inside that heat, but pain had never stopped him from getting what he wanted before, and it didn't stop him now. He slowly pressed in an inch and then stopped. Morgan was on his toes, trembling and making a low whine-gasp, and Casey just waited. He waited as Morgan's calves started to tremble, and then he slowly sank back down, impaling himself on Casey's cock.

Casey groaned and leaned his forehead against the back of Morgan's head. He couldn't wait too much longer. When Morgan started breathing again, Casey slipped in another inch and another until he was pressed up against Morgan's thighs and need was stripping him of all thought.

"Wow. I mean…"

"Shut up."

Casey started rocking slowly, torturing himself with strokes that weren't long enough to give him what he needed. Panting and digging his fingers into Morgan's hips, he pulled out a little farther every time, giving himself that half second of white bliss on each short thrust. And then Morgan's body was moving in counterpoint to his, pulling away and thrusting back so that each stroke lengthened and Casey was losing control now.

He bit Morgan's shoulder and thrust forward so hard he flattened Morgan against the door, and then he reached up and grabbed Morgan's wrists, pinning him to the wood and he thrust harder and harder, finding that point of perfect bliss between need and completion and hanging there through two, three, four hard thrusts before he started coming bone jarring waves of pleasure. His teeth still against Morgan's shoulder, Casey reached around and pumped him twice before Morgan came all over Casey's door, and the tightening around Casey's cock made him bellow and gasp for breath.

Leaning all his weight against Morgan's back, Casey stood there feeling his body cool and struggling to understand what exactly was wrong with him. He was siding with a damn CIA agent over his own general, he was off-mission specs, it actually bothered him that he might have to kill Chuck, and he had thoroughly and entirely enjoyed having sex with Morgan Grimes from the Buy More. He was losing his mind was what was wrong with him.

Casey pulled carefully out, holding the base of the condom.

"Wow," Morgan said softly. At least it was nice to know that Casey wasn't the only one having a few realizations today.

"Not bad, Grimes," Casey offered as he walked over and dropped the condom in the trash can.

"Not bad? That was… I don't have words for that, but I would definitely say not bad does not cover it."

Casey crossed his arms and looked at Morgan with a frown.

"But from you," Morgan hurried to say, "I'm taking 'not bad' as a compliment. We had sex."

"Yeah, and now we're done," Casey pointed out as he tucked himself in and zipped up his pants.

"But, we had sex," Morgan said, and now the confusion was starting to creep in at the edges.

"Yeah?" Casey shrugged.

"This… this is important."

"If you're a girl," Casey pointed out. "We're men. Having sex means we had an itch. It's scratched. Get dressed."

"Dressed. Yeah, okay," Morgan said as he sat on the floor by the door and pulled his pants on. Casey waited, leaning against the wall to block the view to the living room and any unauthorized peeks at his surveillance equipment.

"So…" Morgan's voice trailed off.

"So, head to Chuck's," Casey shrugged.


"Shut up," Casey said as he stepped into Morgan's personal space so that they were chest to chest, reached over, and opened the front door. "You can leave now."

"Leave. Okay." Morgan turned and stepped outside, still looking a little shell-shocked and walking a little funny.

Outside, he turned around and looked at Casey. "Can I come back?" he asked quietly. Casey frowned and thought on that a second. He should say no. It certainly wasn't safe getting to close to him, but then Morgan was already in the line of fire just being friends with Chuck. Weighing all the options, Casey finally came to a conclusion.

"Why not," he shrugged. Morgan's face lit in a wide grin.

"Okay, so it's a—" Morgan stopped as Casey frowned at him. "It's a something, and I guess I'll see you around… you know, at the store or maybe, you know." Morgan walked backwards until he stumbled over a stone and nearly fell on his butt. Casey leaned against his open door with his arms crossed and watched Morgan stagger away with a smile that reached from one side of his face to the other. Watching until Morgan got to Chuck's window, Casey went back inside and closed the door. Yeah, not a bad day.

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