Spike/Xander- Consent Issues

Xander skidded to a stop on the street corner, gasping for air as he leaned against a blue mail dropbox. With one hand he yanked at his jeans, trying to ease the discomfort that he was trying not to think about. Of course that meant that he just kept thinking about it more, and the running thing...not of the helpful. Okay, no Buffy, no Willow. Xander considered his remaining options: slightly bitter ex-girlfriend, a stuffy Watcher, and a sleazy bartender who would probably just throw him in the back room and sell him back to the bleached one.

When Xander heard a foot scuff behind him, he took off running like a rabbit even as he berated himself for running like a rabbit because rabbits generally lost. Rabbits in National Geographic specials always ended up with their furry bodies broken and hanging between the teeth of some predator, and why did he have to think of teeth and predators? He nearly lost his footing going around a corner, and the discomfort in his ass turned into a flare of pain, but he really didn’t have time to worry about that because he was too busy trying to run like something less helpless than a bunny.

The obvious substitution was hyena... And Xander tried to convince himself he was running like a hyena since Spike finding out about that little high school humiliation had led to Spike’s latest discovery. Yep, it turns out Spike can hurt both demons and ex-demons, and now Xander ran the length of 3rd Street as he headed for the alley that ran in back of Giles’ place. His wrists itched where leather straps held the sweat against his body but stopping to take them off seemed just a wee bit suicidal.

A trashcan fell behind him, and Xander imagined a cat…yep, cat. Couldn’t be anything other than a cat. Just don’t think about vampires, and shit that was a thought about vampires. He tried to jump the five foot chain link fence, but his sore body failed him, and the fire in his ass distracted him from the jump so that he ended up with the cuff of his jeans caught on the top of the fence where the little wires stick up to catch those foolish enough to be running away from a vampire in the middle of the night.

“Goin’ somewhere, Harris? Don’t think I said we were done yet.” Xander hopped on one foot and yanked his trapped leg even as he ignored that the near splits was doing oh so not nice things to his body.

“Fuck you, bloodbreath,” Xander said with a mighty yank on his jeans. If this were a movie, the jeans would come loose, he would take off, and he would get to the door of Giles apartment just in time to laugh at the predator stalking him. This wasn’t a movie though. He somehow didn’t think that he would be quick enough to reach Giles’ place. Hell, at this rate he wasn’t going to get anywhere unless he took his jeans off, and that was a big NO NO HELL NO to the voluntarily taking off of the pants.

“Actually, fucking is in the plan but I don’t plan to be the one fucked.” A shadow detached itself from the back of someone’s garden shed, and Xander started hyperventilating at the sight of the bleached hair and the sneer and the cigarette dangling from that mouth.

He tried to use all that extra oxygen to try and pull himself free, but he remained stuck and now dizzy as Spike stalked forward with his shoulders rolling like a big cat, which brought Xander right back to the broken bunny bodies thought from earlier because he just knew he was about to feel teeth sinking into his flesh.

“Havin’ a problem there?” Spike leaned against the fence, and Xander tried not to pass out or resent how easily he’d been caught or flop around like a fish on a hook or worry about exactly what Spike had planned. He tried to do that, but with the exception of maintaining consciousness, he utterly failed.

“Nothing a little holy water wouldn’t fix,” he tried to growl, it came out more like a whine…maybe a mewl. Definitely not very damn intimidating if the vampire laughing at him was anything to judge by. Xander watched helplessly as Spike grabbed his foot and lifted it high enough to free the fabric from the wire. Of course Xander now stood on just the toes of his left foot as he tried not to fall backwards from the awkward angle as Spike just held on to his foot.

“Really it’s amazin’ that some fledge hasn’t eaten ya,” Spike said as he pulled the cigarette from his mouth with his free hand. Xander groaned as Spike pushed his foot a little higher before flicking the cigarette away. Xander prayed for a sudden wind to blow the ember back at Spike, but of course not. The universe didn’t like Xander Harris, and it took every opportunity to prove it.

Spike suddenly let go, and Xander went reeling backwards as he tried to get both legs under him. He gave the dark houses behind him one look before deciding that running would be pointless. Of course fighting was useless too, but he had to do something. He grabbed a metal pole that had once been part of the chain link fence and now lay rusting in the grass. Feeling the weight of it, Xander took it in both hands like a bat and tried to let go of everything except the instinct of his hyena memories and the memory of his soldier’s combat training. As he expected, Spike hurdled the fence like some comic book villain with his coat flapping dramatically behind him.

“Right, the little boy’s gonna fight now, huh?” Spike’s lips twisted into a snarl, and Xander reached into his own memories and curled his in an imitation of the hyena’s growl. Xander expected a quick grab and snatch, but Spike circled carefully as his coat rustled the thigh-high weeds, and Xander matched him step for step, trying to keep the weapon positioned to strike the minute Spike wandered close enough. Xander briefly hoped that he could keep the dance going until sunup only… three *hours* away. His arms would fall off by them from the weight of the pole, but he couldn’t let Spike see that.

Xander continued to match Spike’s moves when Spike darted in and Xander brought the force of the pole around in a clean arc. Spike’s hand grabbed the pole, which Xander had expected because he really wasn’t stupid enough to think he could outmaneuver vamp reflexes. However, he could outsmart vamp brains, and so he relinquished the pole and struck out with his heel, feeling as his boot landed on Spike’s knee with a satisfying thudding sound.

“Bloody hell,” Spike swore as he went down on one knee, and Xander took the opportunity to try and retrieve the pole. If Spike had just been surprised enough to let go, Xander could have won easily, but Spike’s grip on the pole never loosened, so Xander only managed to pull Spike back to his feet, which sort of defeated the whole kicking him in the first place. Spike snarled and lurched forward, but Xander knew a losing hand—hell, he’d seen enough of them—so he let go of the pole and retreated around a pile of boards as he eyed it for a weapon.

“Don’t bloody think about it,” Spike barked and Xander’s eyes snapped up to see yellow eyes staring at him. Xander retreated towards Giles house, a faint and frankly ridiculous hope clinging to his heart even as Spike reached into his pocked and retrieved the long leather leash that snapped onto the leather straps still fastened around Xander’s wrists. Xander could feel his heart throb, and even his ass throb at the sight.

“Don’t think so…not gonna happen,” Xander insisted as if words could keep the demon at bay

“Oh, it’s goin’ to happen whelp, and you don’t have any friends to hide behind.” Those words stopped Xander cold. Okay, fine, he was the normal one of the group, but that didn’t make him the weak one…or it did make him weaker than them, but it didn’t mean he was weak in a general sense, and Xander vetoed the whole conversation in favor of going into a defensive pose near a large tree. The chain link fence had completely fallen here, the victim of a drunk driver or newly licensed teenager, and the part that still stood had broken wires and a crooked pole that would do some serious damage if Xander could only drive Spike back onto it.

He had barely formed his strategy when Spike lunged in, grabbing his left arm. Xander didn’t fight the pull but went along with Spike’s momentum until Spike was near that tilting pole with the sharp broken end. Then he reached out with his foot and tried to snag one of Spike’s legs. The vampire realized his position in time to turn his fall, but he did go backwards into the dirt tracks worn down by the passing cars, and Xander felt himself pulled down on top of Spike.

Using gravity as his friend, Xander aimed his right knee and brought all of his weight down on Spike’s crotch, resulting in a game faced and snarling vampire throwing him to the side, and Xander started to run. He’d thought that his attack would get him at least thirty seconds…a huge lead in a contest like this one, but Spike proved tougher than he expected. He hadn’t taken more than a single step, when a hand grabbed the back of his jeans and he was pulled into Spike’s chest as strong arms wrapped around him.

“Bloody wanker. Never did know when to give up, did you?” Xander made an experimental wiggle and jerk motion, but Spike’s one arm just tightened while the other pulled out that leather strap. Xander’s breath came in heavy gulps as he watched Spike use a simple latch on the rings embedded in the straps around his wrists. With his hands shackled and Spike holding the leash, Xander didn’t have a choice as Spike pulled him over to a section of fence and forced him to his knees. The vampire then threaded the leash through the bottom links before pulling it up and hooking the other latch high on the fence. Xander looked at the latch longingly, but with his hands attached to the bottom of the fence, he couldn’t reach that latch, and so Spike had trapped him, leashed him, and was quickly pulling the pants off him.

Knowing that the time to fight was over, and Spike had truly won, Xander didn’t argue as Spike hastily arranged him on his knees and elbows, face to the musky ground and now-naked ass up in the air. He’d done his best he thought as he felt Spike rip the butt plug out of him, but he’d lost. Spike didn’t waste any time, thrusting into Xander without even a comment, and Xander thanked god that he hadn’t taken the time to remove the plug because Spike thrust into him so quickly that he didn’t have time to adjust. Each thrust into his slicked hole caused a low grade burn going in and shivers pulling out, and Xander felt his cock now joining the party, but hey, whose cock wouldn’t with 120 years of experience pounding into them.

Xander felt a groan escape his lips and a hand slid around and gripped his cock. Xander reflexively jerked his hands, needing to touch something, but denied the right to touch anything except the damp weeds and cold metal fencing and crumbling dirt. Meanwhile, Spike seemed to touch everything. A hand reached under his shirt and rubbed his back and then fondled his ass. A second hand stroked his cock, encircled his balls, and then pulled on a nipple. The whole time, the brutal thrusts into his ass filled him as his body started to squirm in response.

Suddenly Xander felt a weight on his back and he tilted his head to the side just before he felt fangs sink into his neck. Xander could feel Spike’s body forcing its way into him, becoming a part of him, even as he felt that seductive draw on his neck as Spike drank and took Xander into his own body. Xander couldn’t hold it any more. He started to come in waves of lust that made his whole body stiffen and spasm, and then he could feel Spike coming inside him as they completed what they had started at their apartment.

Xander collapsed face down in the alley with Spike still on top and inside.

“Holy shit,” he whispered to the weeds under him.

“Beginnin’ ta think you have an exhibitionist kink there pet. Mind you, don’t mind at all.” Xander lay sexually sated and indecently exposed in the alley and considered that someone really could come walking back and see them, but then again, he was the one tied to the fence, so it wasn’t his responsibility to worry about shocking the kiddies who shouldn’t be up at three in the morning anyway.

“Yeah, well at least I don’t have a ‘getting my ass kicked’ kink,” Xander replied without rancor. He was too happy and tired to care about his lover calling him a perv.

“Vampire thing. A little fight gets the blood goin’. ‘Course you didn’t have to try and snap my knee there.”

“I was in character,” Xander muttered. “So, you won this round fair and square. What side do you want next time?” Spike’s lips touched his bare neck and Xander shivered as a feeling of desire wrestled with his lethargy. Lethargy won and he didn’t do more than flex his ass muscles around Spike’s cock.

“Next time I’ll be the prey,” Spike whispered, and Xander smiled as he considered tomorrow night’s revenge. God he loved weekends.


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