Villains' Drabbles
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Veronica--The Mad Bomber

Regretting she had lost privileges, Veronica read the story over shoulders-- in snatches as other patients thumbed through their newspapers. Sandburg's disgrace had been front page news; his reinstatement and the university's apology had been on the back.

She didn't care about that, though. Paragraph six— Ellison publicly declared his confidence in Sandburg as a researcher and partner. That traitor Ellison abandoned and forgot her father but now he supported Sandburg. She'd always thought she hated Ellison more than any man alive, but now she found she hated Sandburg even more because he was the one Ellison chose to save.


Kincaid--The White Supremacist

How he wished he'd shot that little Jew-boy while he could. Kincaid ordered his man to turn the news off and keep the degenerates from changing it back. The blood traitors had officially named Mr. Natural a community consultant, but what about the community they had abandoned? Everyone talked about minorities and rights, but what about the indignities white man suffered? What about the way Kincaid had to fight for every inch of territory in the cafeteria or exercise yard? What about what he'd endured that day in the showers? What about justice? Next time, he'd shoot the Jew-boy first.


Bracket--The Ex-Spy

Free air tasted sweet after years in prison, but the sight of those two left him bitter. Blair sat on a car, clipboard in one hand while gesturing with the other; Mr. Supercop shook his head indulgently. Lee wished he'd slid his hand around Blair's cock when he'd had the chance. He wished he'd forced the kid pull the wire from Ellison's underwear, his fingers groping. Voyeruism would've satisfied that itch. But he'd missed his chance.

He answered his vibrating cell phone. "Brackett—now," a voice snapped. Lee sighed unhappily, packed his sniper's rifle, and chafed at his keeper's voice.


Maya--The Terrorist's Daughter

She layered makeup, feathering the edges so that it covered the blackened ring around her eye. Staring at the mirror, Maya wondered when she had become this woman she had read about— the one who made excuses for the man who struck her. So many times she wished she had made other choices.

Raul would be out for hours yet, so she pulled out her wedding album and carefully separated the binding to pull out well-worn newspaper clippings hidden within. "Sandburg Named to Commission." "Top Cop Ellison Strikes Again." "Major Crimes Partners End Reign of Terror."

So many wrong choices.


Laura--The Jewel Thief

Orange prison clothes did nothing for her complexion, but Laura AKA the manipulator of cellblock 4E still had her figure. Waiting for her hearing, she twitched her body toward the judge and gave him a forlorn expression.

Behind her, Ellison snorted.

She studied the detective who'd captured her. She'd been so sure she had him wrapped around her finger, so sure he would turn his back and let her walk away like so many other men had. She'd been wrong.

That doctor-partner of his reached out and laid a hand on Ellison's knee to quiet him. Ah... that explained everything.

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