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My Xander Shaped Friend: Fanfiction by Xanfan

Slashing the Angel: Fic Noir

Spikedluv's Scribblin'


Tales from the Attic

Scarecrow Horses


Dreaming Sideways

Subtle Salvation

Xander Xtreme

Twilight Time

Painted Dreams

Fanfiction by Darkhavens



852 Prospect: Sentinel Adult Fiction Index

Cascade Library

Francesca's Sentinel Fanfiction

Fluterbev's Sentinel Fanfiction


Area 52: The Stargate Slash Archive



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Naughty Stops

TheTenthMuse: A candy shop of naughty fic

Literotica: Don't expect much plot, but there are some hot scenes here

The Stockroom: Naughty toys with naughty pictures (het and gay)

BDSM Toyboxy: Naughty toys with a girl model

Extreme Restraints: Naughty toys with individual models--both male and female

BoyzShop: Naughty toys for all the boys: gay only

Male Nude Photography: Artistic and erotic

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