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Buffy recs
by Shakatany


Shakatany was the first person to encourage me to keep writing in the Buffy fandom after I put Second Verse out there on a couple of archive sites. She knows all there is to know both about fandom and canon (although she blushed and said I went to far when I said this), so I asked her for her recommendations. Here is her very comprehensive list


Spander Recs

"Repossession" by Lazuli ( a Spander masterpiece beware though it's over 120 chapters long.

"Twilight Time" by Shadow ( one of the best--I even splurged and bought the fanzine version. Spike helps Xander who's been abused by his father.

"Waiting Here" by Alexandria Brown ( one of the first h/c fics with an eventual happy ending

"Quantum Xander" by Jameschick (

"Long Time Gone" and "The Hour Series" by Yindagger( Yin is one of the best writers in fandom and is attempting to turn pro.

"My Scorpion" by Firehorse ( A tale of Xander and a post-Initiative Spike. I just love the epilogue--it's so sweet.

"Sands Of Time" by James Walkswithwind and Wolfling ( A very early S/X series and still being worked on. It's fun seeing how an unchipped Spike is partially tamed by Xander.

"Stranger Things" by Esmeralda ( A very long series that veers off canon in the 4th season. The first 9 stories are complete and the 10th is a WIP. It's begins as S/X then adds A/D to the mix.

"Reconstruction", "Restoration" and "Reunification" by Wordsmith ( A post-"The Gift" series. If I was being tortured by Angelus to reveal my favorite S/X fic, I would have to name this one (they really make up one long story). The characterizations and humor are lovely and our heroes come together as equals. I so relish the idea of General Harris and the Children of the Hellmouth. Only slightly angsty though but a great read.

"Second Verse" by Litgal ( Xander and his family moved to LA before any of BtVS happened and even in that AU his destiny lies with Spike. Her "Beautiful Broken" is one of the most fantastic dark fics out there.

"Mercy" by Robin the Crossover Junkie ( Spike helps Xander overcome his memories of abuse by his father.

"It's a Hellmouthful Life" by Morrigushout ( A post-"Chosen", suicidal Xander is shown by Spike (in the Clarence role) how awful things would have been had Xander not been born.

"Hunt Brother" by Ladycat ( WIP. Spike helps an abused Xander and while you're at her site take a look at "Silk" which is very amusing

"Broken" by Kayla ( WIP.Spike helps an abused Xander.

"Grungefic" by Darkhavens ( WIP. A strange story set in S1 where a sad Xander, mourning Jesse's death, runs into Spike who has yet to visit Sunnydale.

"Secrets" by Edibbea ( WIP. Spike gives Xander exactly what he needs.

"The Witch, the Warrior and the Vampire" by Brandi ( It begins as Spuffy but then takes a strange turn into S/X as Spike is forced to become Xander's sire. I don't know where the author was heading but unfortunately she's announced that it will remain unfinished--grr argh!

"Xanpet" by Siege ( A WIP. My most guilty pleasure. Xander and Spike are somehow sent back in time to 1889 and Xander is forced to become Spike's pet in the house of Angelus.

"Changes" and "Credence" by Tabaqui ( The former is complete, the latter a WIP. I recommend reading everything at her site she's that good.

"What Brought Us Here", "The Offering" and "A Puppy for Spike" by Spikedluv ( The last is a WIP. The first is a very sweet family story and the others are variations on a theme of Angel gifting Spike with Xander.

"Something Wicked This Way Comes" by Trixx ( WIP. In the Wishverse Vamp!Xander is given to Spike--read the warnings it's a bit squicky

"Bargain" by Katharina ( To save the others Xander makes a bargain with Spike that places him under Spike's control. May forever remain a WIP as the author appears to have gafiated--grr argh.

"Waffle House" by Sajinn ( Spike and Xander in Charleston.

"Brothers in Arms" by Poshcat ( AtS S5. Xander goes to W & H on Xmas Eve and runs into Spike

"Civilised Conversations" and "And Afterwards Remember" by Melissa ( A S7 fic and it's sequel

"A Lifetime in a Minute" by Wren ( a very strange time-travelling tale

"Lex the Ruthless, Childe of Spike" by Scorpio ( A very strange story again involving time travelling

"Angst Monkey" by Kay ( Xander is turned by Angel. Spike is his only friend.

"Predatory Acts" and "Preying on My Mind" by Jane Davitt ( What if Spike ran into Hyena!Xander in S1?

"Amnesia!Spike" by mahaliem ( a very funny fic

"Cuckoo in the Nest" by Lizbeth Marks ( a heart-breaking look at Xander's life from the POV of his father--not slash. Also there's her marvelous DVD commentary for the story HERE

Xander/Spander Sites:

I Need a Parrot--the Xander Zone of the BtVS Writers' Guild at
NOTICE: Hacked and still off line as of 6/06

Bloodclaim LJ at

Moist and Delicious the Nummytreats Archive at

Stepaway from My Xander at There is a Story Rec section where
I've recced my favorites and so have others.

The Spanderfiles at

Tales from the Attic-Excessant's archive site at

Velvet Crypt at look for "Family"

One lone Andrew/X:
"Three Together,Three Alone" by Scarlet (


"Wicked Games" by Titti ( It's S/A and basically porn with very little plot.

"House of Angelus" by Mouse ( The story deals with William's
introduction into the family and though now AU, it makes me wish that this was how it really happened.

"Dark Abandon" by Adsum ( A chipped Spike goes to his sire and they try to reconnect, both literally and figuratively.

"Counting the Days" by Dira Sudis ( A post-"The Gift" story. After Buffy's death Spike and Dawn head to LA to visit Angel. Angel and Spike must deal with old memories and try to build a new relationship for Dawn's sake.

"Dianthus Barbatus" by Kate the Cursed ( A very dark tale involving Spike, Willow and Angelus. It's another one of my very guilty pleasures.

Shara Nesu's Place ( A long time favorite site of mine. Her "Angel's Slavery Series" (S/A) is on of my very guilty pleasures.


Laure Alexander's Moon Madness
( It's a large and varied archive with a bit of slash but most of the stories are Buffy-oriented. Her series "Sin Wagon" and "Moments in Time" are S/A/B and quite yummy. "The Erotic Adventuresof Willow and Spike" has many different pairings, some threesomes and beyond. She's been writing since the early days of Buffy.

Saber Shadowkitten's Buffy FanFiction ( Another large site with fics of all types. Saber is currently not writing in the Buffy fandom but, like Laure Alexander, she too has been writing since the early days of Buffy and what's there is choice.

"The Bood Series " by Nan Dibble
( The stories begin post-"Showtime" and are S/B
oriented. I love these stories because the vampires in them are so not-human. Nan has created the most alien vampires that I have encountered in the fandom. The Supplice d'Allegance sequence between Spike and Angel is quite horrifying. Due to the passing of the author the last book will remain a WIP

"Three Lions" by Lesley ( Sequence One is my alltime favorite story. It's set after "Grave". There's a knock on Giles' door and it's a newly souled Spike. Later there's another knock and it's Wesley. I just wish the real season 7 had begun like this. I love the humor and the characterizations are right on. It does veer off in a tragic direction in the following 2 sequences but they are still enjoyable.

"Nature of the Beast" by poetlover ( After Spike's death, Giles interviews Buffy so he can write the story of William the Bloody.


"Career Change" by riani1 ( Giles is vamped by Drusilla in mid-S5 and it goes AU from there. In many ways a far more satisfying version than canon. The sequel "Career Advancement" hints of Spander to come.