Inspired 1- "Whisper"

Artist: velvet_virago on LiveJournal

Rating: probably not work-safe

Feedback: yes please

Disclaimer: This image is of the characters, *not* the actors who portray them. Said characters spring from the fertile mind of Joss Whedon, and belong to him, Mutant Enemy, and various other corporate identities... not to me, alas. No money, just for love.

Warnings/Squicks: None.

Summary: An intimate moment: Xander whispers to Spike. What's he saying...?

Copyright: This is an original artwork, and is not yours to take. Copyright rests solely with the artist (that's me)- you may not download or use in any way without my express permission. Want? Ask.

Notes: Inspired by a secret gift.

Media: India ink washes and dip-pen accents, on smooth illustration board.

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