A PWP ficlet in the Irony Universe inspired by three images chosen by Velvet_Virago

Written to thank her for all her help and support and pretty, pretty pictures.

Xander's Point of View...

I stepped in the door and breathed a sigh of release, yep release, not relief. Inside the walls of this apartment I could let go of all the human rules that increasingly annoyed me to no end. I mean, I respected Jorge as a boss, but taking orders from someone who wasn't pack just made me feel less and less like a part of the human world. Which, really? Not surprising since I wasn't technically human any more. Spike stepped out from the kitchen, a mug of blood in hand and a dirty little smile on his face.

"Bad day, pet?" I dropped my hardhat on the small black steel table just inside the door. No wood furniture for us considering Spike's dislike of wood and my bad luck with it.

"No more or less than any other day. At least I'm not working crap jobs for crap pay anymore." I stepped closer, and he held out the mug. I sniffed just to make sure since Spike wasn't above trying to trick me with the human stuff, and just eww. I couldn't deny that I adored the taste of warm, thick blood sliding down and satisfying my hunger, but human blood wasn't something I ever wanted to try.

"Wot? No trust for your old mate?" Spike asked with a bit of challenge in his voice.

"I trust you to hunt at my side and cover my back. I don't trust you with the blood supply," I said with a quick kiss before turning toward the kitchen.

"Yeah, there is that," he agreed as his own hand snaked around my waist, pulling me back to his chest as I sipped at the richer than normal blood. Antelope. I smiled. I couldn't even imagine how much of his bounty hunting money he must have paid to get Willy to import this stuff. I reached down and twined my fingers with his own. Slowly, I pulled his hand away from my waist as I finished the blood with a happy whine.

"Getting a little possessive there, Spike."

"Bloody right I am," Spike said as he stepped forward again, this time brushing back the collar of my plaid shirt so he could run dull human teeth over my lower neck. I growled low in my throat and allowed my demon eyes to show as I sidestepped and turned to face my mate.

"You seem to have forgotten who does the owning here, Spike," I said with a soft snarl as I put the dirty mug down on the bar. Yep, going to hate myself in the morning for not rinsing that out, but I've got bigger fish to fry. Other birds to stone. Other tea kettles to call black. And why did the sight of Spike giving me his open mouthed, tongue touching his top teeth, eye crinkly smile still have the power to make me the brainless idiot of the family?

Spike didn't answer me, choosing instead to slip a hand inside the waist band of his jeans and suddenly I could smell the arousal like a fist closing around my cock and stroking me into hardness. I growled even louder and started moving forward, but Spike retreated gracefully, his body flowing around the glass and steel coffee table and black leather couch.

"Oh, you are just making this harder on yourself, aren't you?" I pursued Spike through the maze of the living room furniture.

"What, you think you can just order me to roll over?" Spike demanded.

"Uh-huh." Spike gave me his most blood-thirsty killer glare as he turned his head half away, but I could smell his lust, his desire... hell, I could smell his submission as I stalked him. He finally stopped at the wall between the living room and bedroom, and I briefly considered giving him an opening to the front door. Hunting was a joy and the sex after always left me breathless and damn near spineless, but tonight I was feeling inspired to do some indoor play.

"Strip," I ordered Spike, and he took a step forward as though he would challenge me, but then what's the fun of giving orders if you don't get to enforce them, so that was fine with me. I closed the distance so that I was chest to chest with him, and instead of undressing himself as ordered, his strong, slender hands ran up the heavy flannel fabric, palms pressing into my chest so that I growled my pleasure. Fingers closed in on the buttons, and I watched silently as he opened my shirt and pushed it off my shoulders.

Then hands tugged at my wifebeater , pulling the fabric out of my waistband. I stood unmoving as Spike worked his hands up under the shirt, finding the nipples and rubbing his thumb over the responsive skin before pinching them hard enough that I felt it like a jolt down my spine and I felt the heat in the abused flesh.

He started pushing the fabric up, and I reached down and snatched the bottom of the shirt, jerking it over my head before using my body to push him into the wall.

"I gave you an order, Spike. So strip." I reached over and grabbed his chin in my hand and then leaned forward as though to kiss him. At the last minute, I went for the neck instead, pushing his head over to one side. I grabbed a small piece of skin between my front teeth and nipped hard enough to make Spike's entire body jerk with pleasure. Vampires and necks, I guess that fetish was a given. Slowly I licked, and then rested my cheek against his shoulder as I pulled back, dragging two days of whiskers across that tender skin.

"Bloody hell," he hissed.

"So, strip or you'll go to bed without sex young man," I laughed darkly as I stepped back. Spike looked at me for a long moment as though judging just how serious I might be, and I crossed my arms and let my eyes roam over the body that I owned. The black t-shirt, the tight black jeans, the black nail polish. And now I got to see something far more interesting as Spike quickly shed the shirt and then knelt down to loosen the laces on his boots.

"Give me one of those laces," I demanded as I held out my hand and Spike looked up at me with a confused quirk of an eyebrow. But he must have decided to not push me any farther because he pulled one lace entirely free of the boot and handed it over as he toed out of his boots.

"Pushy bugger," he complained mildly as he unbuttoned his jeans and I backed off some and sat on the thick arm of the couch as he pushed his jeans down and uncovered a healthy erection of his own. I adored just looking at that body, the body of a predator with the lean muscles and the multitude of tiny scars. Spike stepped out of his jeans altogether, and I allowed my gaze to devour every inch of him: his uncut cock hard and jutting out, his low hung balls, the curve of his ass, his small dark nipples. He stood there with his hands on his hips as I inventoried every inch until I reached his sharp cheeks and smirking lips and amused eyes.

"Havin' fun there, are we? 'Cause I have to say I'm a bit on the bored side here." I stood up and grabbed Spike's arm, using my own demon strength to turn and pull him so that his back pressed into my chest. For one second, he struggled to pull away, and I grabbed his waist, holding him still until he stilled himself. When he'd stopped, I slid my right arm up to that chiseled face and ran my fingertips over those soft lips.

Spike groaned and closed his eyes as he bent his head back: a demon's most profound gesture. For many it meant just submission, but for us it was submission and love and trust and eternity. I closed my teeth around his earlobe and nibbled. His right arm was thrown out awkwardly, largely because I had my elbow braced under his armpit, but he still reached around to touch my hip, my waist, whatever skin he could reach.

"Shhhh" I whispered in his ear. I wrapped my left arm around his waist and pulled him even closer so that he could feel my erection and smell my desire. "You are so fucking beautiful. I look at you and I want to show the world my beautiful, strong mate. My deadly, perfect mate. Mine." I felt Spike shiver and then he dropped his head all the way back so that it rested on my shoulder.

"You are, aren't you?" I asked. "You're mine?"

"Yeah, pet. All yours," he agreed, and I whined my approval into the crook of his neck where I nibbled and licked at the skin.

"Mine," I growled as I bit down, and now I had to hold on to keep Spike from thrusting into thin air. He went into game face and I skimmed my fingers over these new features which were as familiar as my own reflection.

"Oi, then bloody do something with me," he complained when I didn't touch his beautiful cock. Instead I closed my left hand around his left wrist so that now I controlled both his arms. Spike reacted to his helplessness with another burst of pheromones strong enough to send me thrusting against his backside once or twice before I could get my own body under control.

"Bedroom," I hissed as I released him.

"Got the carpet right here," he argued as his human features returned, and I slapped his ass hard enough to leave a red print behind. He must have gotten the hint because he went into the bedroom, and I followed with a quick stop at the linen closet to retrieve a few items I had hidden away for a special day. A day with no Scoobies or meetings or sires or apocalyptic disasters was looking pretty damn special to me. When I reached the bedroom, he stood hard and waiting and looking so fuckable that I nearly just pushed him down, but I took a deep breath and regained control.

"What's that then?" he asked suspiciously when he stopped the plain, black plastic sack.

"A few things I've been meaning to try out, but with the Palka demon, and that new master, and that contract you took to hunt down those Gar'uks, I haven't been having much luck lately."

"Oi, don't bloody remind me. Next time I take a contract from a Vebite, just shoot me."

"I'd rather just tie you to the bed and not let you get up again," I said as I pulled out the first cuff. Spike didn't say a word as I walked over and closed the reinforced padded steel around his wrist. The trailing chain and clip hung down and the sight of the silver-gray steel against his pale skin turned me on way more than I'd expected, but then everything about Spike tended to turn me on. I returned with the second cuff and fastened it around his second wrist.

"Bloody hell, not like you need to tie me up to keep me in your bed, pet. So, let me prove that." I picked up a couple of long white cloths and Spike moved in, his hands dancing across the skin of my back as he unerringly found the knots of muscle in my back and slowly massaged them out with strong thumbs. I shivered as the chain from his hand trailed down my back as he worked a muscle in my shoulder. I let myself relax as he sucked at the skin of my neck.

"Oh, but tonight, I want to tie you to our bed, no' need' about it," I said as Spike wrapped strong arms around my waist. I grabbed the trailing chains and used them to force his arms open so I could step out of the circle of his embrace. He actually looked disappointed for a moment, but then he wasn't the one who got to make these decisions. I was.

I took a hold of the chains and used them like a leash to pull Spike to the foot of the bed, and then I pushed him so that he was forced to sit. For one second, I thought he would argue, protest, grab me and try to slam me to the floor, all of which were pastimes that I thoroughly enjoyed. However, he suddenly changed his mind and scooted backwards until his head lay on the white pillow.

I walked to the right side of the bed and took the heavy duty clip and fastened it to the bed frame, and I quickly went to the other side and repeated the process so that now I had my vampire helpless and needy, his heavy cock now dripping a bit and laying flat on his stomach. I ran a hand down Spike's thigh and he obligingly opened his legs, but I still ignored his erection despite his unhappy noises.

Dropping the strips of fabric on the bed next to Spike's head so that he would have lots of time to think about my plans, I pulled the shoestring from Spike's boot out of my jeans' pocket and settled myself on the end of the bed between Spike's hungrily opened legs. I allowed myself to touch that beautiful cock. Now Spike was chained and unable to return the passion. Now he had to just lie there and accept that I wanted tonight to be about him. None of his need to please me, none of his hungry touches. Tonight Spike would take without being allowed to give back.

I ran my finger up that soft foreskin, and the vampire ridges were back as he struggled against the chains. Keeping my touches feather soft, I alternated between touching his shaft and the sensitive slit and the heavy balls and the tender perineum. Spike writhed and the bed groaned, but finally Spike had to give up and lay panting and thrusting into the air with his heels dug into the mattress for traction.

"Bloody magicked the chains," he complained breathily.

"Yep," I agreed. It had made Willow blush so deep that she had matched her hair, but I had indeed had her magic the chains.

"And you'll just lie there like a good little boy and take it," I said, and now I started wrapping the shoelace around the base of his cock and balls, hard enough to make coming difficult. A loop around each ball ensured that Spike would be feeling the constriction with every twitch of his erection. I tied the lace off after one more loop around the base of his cock and then I crawled up his body while he looked at his now bound genitals.

"Bloody hell, that's not nice pet."

"Never said I was nice," I pointed out reasonably as he still looked down at his own body mournfully. Slowly I picked up the smooth cotton fabric and laid it on his chest as I smoothed it out. Spike's eyebrow went north as I folded the strip the long way.

"What are you plannin', pet?" I answered with a small hyena whine before picking up the cloth and gently smoothing it over his eyes. He gave a huge pull against the chains, lifting himself up and off the bed a couple inches, and I just lowered my weight down onto him so that denim of my jeans pressed into the overly sensitive cock and balls. He got the idea and quieted.

"Bloody hell."

"Head up please," I asked in a cheerful voice as he sagged under me. He held out, not moving until I reached down and bit his neck hard enough to both leave faint teeth marks and remind him who did the submitting. He slowly lifted his head and I pulled the ends of the fabric around and tied them in a knot slightly to the side so he wouldn't be laying on a hard knot.

"Wanker," he complained, and from the way he was moving his hips under my jeans, I suspected that he was commenting on his tied cock.

"You really aren't going to be able to keep your mouth shut, are you?" I asked sadly despite not feeling sad in the least. Nope. Not one bit. I could smell just as well as my vampire, and the only think he was suffering from was an overload of lust.

"You bought the soddin' thing, so you're going to bloody use it no matter what I say," he complained, and I had to laugh because he actually was right. I picked up the thick strip of terrycloth and ran the soft fabric over one outstretched arm, watching as the muscles flexed and relaxed in response, Spike's head turning toward the movement even though he couldn't see it through the thick folds of fabric.

"Open up," I whispered into his ear before I licked the earlobe and pulled it into my mouth to suck on it for a second. For a moment I thought he was going to fight, not that he had a chance in hell of winning when he was already chained, but then Spike logic was not always the boring Earth logic of beings whose logic made sense. It was one reason we worked so well together. Spike finally opened his mouth, and I put the terrycloth gag between his teeth before pulling his head up so that I could tie it as well.

Now I stepped back and looked at him so perfectly bound and waiting. I got off the bed and unbuttoned my jeans, sliding the zipper down to release some of the pressure on my cock. At the sound, Spike's cock twitched, and I watched as that set off a chain reaction. The tied cock twitched again, and Spike thrashed about, groaning loudly into the gag, and the movement caused his cock to twitch again, which set the cycle off yet again. I untied my shoes while I enjoyed the show.

I had gotten totally naked before Spike could calm himself enough to lay still, his cock now a deep flush red and his moans constant behind his gag. I didn't think I'd ever heard Spike so quiet, and maybe the gag was good in the not getting kicked out of the apartment kind of way. I fished in my bag again, and again Spike's head turned toward me, blind and mute and totally in the dark about exactly what I planned with him. I went to the foot of the bed and started with the little pinwheel: a small circle of tiny dull pins that spun on a handle.

I touched his foot, and Spike pulled the leg away all together. I considered tying his feet, but really I enjoyed watching the struggle. Changing my tactics I walked around and touched the wheel to the inside of his elbow where he couldn't escape, and the sound of groans increased as I ran the tool up his arm and onto his chest.

Again, Spike thrust up into the air and the bindings around his cock and balls set off another round of thrashing. I waited patiently until Spike calmed again, his heels pressed deep into the mattress. I pressed the wheel to the inside of his thigh, and this time he held still as I ran it up toward his groin. Spike thrust up, but I had a loose enough hold on the toy that it just moved with him instead of him getting the firmer touch that he wanted.

A few thrusts and Spike calmed again, dragging unneeded breath through his nose in heavy panting gulps. I brought my hand back down again, this time with the feather, and I ran it right over the slit, pulling the feather up when Spike squirmed and worked his mouth around the gag in a parody of speech. When I brought my hand back down it was the wheel lightly pressing into his stomach. The feather on the bottom of his foot. My mouth sucking his nipple. My teeth nipping his thigh.

I kept going never repeating any pattern but stroking and pinching and touching and tickling randomly until Spike's struggles grew weaker and he limited himself to tossing his head from side to side. His legs were thrown open in silent begging, the gag now wet and the blindfold riding up high enough that I suspected that he could see some. I had been straddling Spike, and now I stepped off the bed and pulled the blindfold the rest of the way off so that Spike, still helpless and mute could watch with yellow eyes as I got the lube from the bedside table.

He opened his legs a little farther, but I turned my back and leaned over the dresser as I gave him a view of my own backside. I popped open the lube and put some on my finger before reaching back and sliding my finger easily inside. I turned to watch as Spike pushed up with his feet, pulling at the chains and clearly trying to say something. Oh well, didn't matter.

I took my hand back and got more lube before putting in two fingers, twisting my body so that I could make sure to open myself completely. Normally two was enough, but Spike's cock looked a mite bit sore, so I added a third finger just to be sure that I wasn't too tight since normally I wasn't the one being opened. The third finger burned a bit, pulling at the skin so that I flashed my demon eyes, and Spike found new strength to struggle on the bed.

Putting more lube into my hand, I went over and closed my hand around Spike's erection, feeling that responsive flesh move in my grasp as Spike pushed himself up into my grasp and I let go. Yep, that was a swear word, clear even through the thick gag, but I simply waited until he'd done his struggling and stopped again before I closed my hand around his cock again. This time he lay quiet, his legs open and quivering, his arms chained open, his eyes watching me from above that gagged mouth, and I nearly came without even touching him at all.

"I think someone needs taking care of," I commented, and Spike gave a nod and closed his eyes in clear relief. I reached down and wrapped my hand around my own cock, sliding it up and down before circling the head with the lubed palm. Spike's eyes snapped open as he watched me slowly touch my balls, pinching my own nipple right about the time that his eyes snapped up to my face with disbelief evident.

"So strong and deadly and completely and entirely *mine*," I growled as I speeded up, my hand stroking the shaft without touching the sensitive head because I was going to go at any minute and I wanted to hold out. Spike thrashed against the chain, and that momentary distraction was all it took for my balls to release, semen slipping out over Spike and the bed in long thin streams. My legs were so weak I had to put my palms down on the bed, putting me eye to cock with a very red and sore looking piece of flesh.

Chuckling softly, I crawled on the bed and straddled Spike, leaning down to kiss the vampire ridge over each eye before I reached back and took a firm hold on Spike's neglected cock. I lined it up with my own entrance before I slowly sank down on that shaft, the fullness feeling right even with the stretching sending little twinges of pain and my own cock's inability to get up for an encore so quickly. But this really wasn't about me.

I braced my knees and rose slowly up, feeling Spike's cock pulling out of me before I slid back down again, and Spike closed his eyes tightly, no doubt struggling to hold on to his control. I slid up and then down once more before I reached down and untied the gag. Spike worked his jaw from side to side before looking up at me with yellow, needy eyes.

I leaned forward and felt Spike slide nearly all the way out of me as I braced my hands on either side of his head and whispered in his ear, "Let go."

Instantly Spike slammed up into me, and I braced myself to keep myself still as he thrust up again and again, seeking to release with his tightly bound genitals. Finally I felt sharp teeth sink into my neck as he thrust up one last time, the feeding and the hard fucking finally convincing my own cock to join the party. Finally I felt Spike slowly relax under me, his teeth pulling out of my neck as his cock slipped free from my body.

I quickly moved down his body, and used a small pair of clippers from the end table to get the shoelace off. The blood was now released and the Spike's cock softened and returned to a more normal shade as he sighed softly. Ignoring the mess and my own half-hard cock, I grabbed the blanket that had fallen on the floor and curled up with a leg thrown possessively over his body, pulling the blanket up over both of us and sharing my warmth with my mate.

"You're bloody evil, pet."

"Yep," I agreed, but Spike smelled of such contentment it was hard to really take his words too personally.

"You goin' to unchain me then?" he asked as I put my head down on his shoulder and snuggled into a more comfortable position.

"Nope," I replied happily. "I told all the gang that they had better not disturb us unless they intended on having a front row seat for demon sex." Spike gave a hoarse laugh.

"You bloody well didn't."

"I bloody well did. Sometimes you just gotta remember to take care of the mate first," I said as I closed my eyes. Spike made a strange little noise, but I just sighed and tucked my arm into the space between his chest and mine as I settled in. Sometimes, even life on a Hellmouth was good.


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