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Second Verse Universe: Second Verse, Musical Wars, Out of Tune

Xander moved to LA before ever meeting Buffy, but he is still a demon magnet and now fights with Gunn.  As eighteen year old Xander struggles to come to terms with his life and his desires, a sexy new vampire appears in town seeking revenge for his murdered mate.  Xander finds himself in the middle of a full out vampire war and an internal struggle of desire and loyalty.

Rated ADULT for Dom/sub, violence, slash, BDSM

Bonus Stories: "Decisions" --Chapter 7 told from Spike's POV , "Beauty" Chapter 7  from Spike's POV - Xander and Ajani fight ,"Memories and Confessions" Chapter 9 from Angel's POV


The Broken Universe: Beautiful Broken, Broken Revenge, Bonus Stories

Xander disappeared six months ago, and Spike finds the missing Sunnydale boy who has changed greatly in his time away from the gang. But then again, things have changed back home too. This is a story of Xander's attempts to find his way back from the darkness and pain of the torture. So really, this is a story of recovery! It's also all together 463 pages, so be prepared to be reading a while.

Rated ADULT!!!! Dark!fic: slavery, rape, Dom/sub, bondage, CBT, BDSM, memories of torture (and a bit of bad guy torture too).

Read the story Translated into Italian OR Translated into German


Mangled Spells

Spike captures Willow to do a love spell for him after Dru walks out on him... only thanks to Willow's mangled spell and some out of date supplies, Xander finds himself turned into a girl, and Spike starts considering whether he really wants Drusilla back or whether another dark eyed brunette might have caught his eye.

ADULT : het, slash, bondage.


Irony: Main Story, Inspired 1, Inspired 2, Artwork 1, Artwork 2, Artwork 3

Xander wakes up in the Initiative wondering just what has gone wrong with his life. Can Xander step up to the hero plate, and just how much influence does his inner hyena have over him?

ADULT: dry humor, competitive sex, slash, the last chapter and epilogues contain BDSM


Trickster: Trickster's Treat, Janus' Shadow

When Xander dresses as a vampire for a certain cursed Halloween night when Ethan Rayne casts his spell, he has no idea how his choice will affect the world, especially when his costume turns him into the 900 year old childe of Nusa the Strigoi. Now, with the memories and demon of an ancient vampire, Xander sets his sights on a young Master Vampire and the Hellmouth itself

Rated ADULT for slash, bondage, semi-non-con, and BDSM.


Flailing throught the Cliches

All the world ending disasters have ended, and now Xander finally has to face the the more personal disaster that he's been carrying with him for all these years

Rated ADULT for slash and bondage.


Your Bloody Fault... Is not! Is too!

Spike and Xander show up in L.A. desperate to get help for a little problem they seem to be having. Angel would love to help (if only to get them to go away), but he can't seem to get a straight story out of either of them. Comedy.

Rated ADULT for slash and bondage.



This starts as a dark universe where Spike gets bored and Xander is there. Of course, Spike does tend to get attached to his toys, so the relationship slowly matures. Soon both Spike and Xander will have to confront their own true natures.

Rated ADULT for slash, bondage, Dom/sub, and BDSM.



Roleplaying, not Living

Xander is in Africa, mucking about with shamanic rituals and magic, and he manages to accidentally fall into some mystical information... specifically about a certain vampire who Xander had thought dead. Now he just has to convince Spike to start living again.

Rated: ADULT


Curved 'Verse: Learning Curve, Experience Curve, Bonus Stories

Xander is sent to Cascade to learn about Sentinels--well, that and to get him away from Spike--but he learns about a bit more than just Sentinels. As Xander gets to know himself and the power of a Sentinel/Shaman bond, he makes a few discoveries(Jim/Blair, Blair/Xander, Spike Xander)

Rated ADULT for Slash. NO partner betrayal


Butterfly Kisses

Xander confessed to summoning Sweet and endangering all their lives, and Spike is not at all amused. His plan to woo the slayer is well underway, and he is not about to let the idiot get Buffy or Dawn killed because he can't understand even the simpliest of rules--like don't summon demons. However, a chance phone call has revealed that Xander has other secrets, darker secrets, and he'll do a lot to protect those secrets.

Rated ADULT for Slash


Airman Harris

Xander took Spike's advice and signed up for the military. However, when he tries delivering peaches to an obscure mountain base, he finds that the Harris luck has followed him to Stargate Command. His unique skill set may earn him a place in a new world, or his inability to accept himself may destroy any chance of finding happiness. Part One :: Part Two :: Part Three :: Part Four :: Part Five

Rated ADULT for Slash


Deadboy and Zeppo: Original Story, Sequel by 10th muse: Anatomy of a Song

After feeding a group of lawyers to his clan, Angel thinks he may be losing his chance at redemption. When Xander shows up in LA after being turned by Dru and rejected by his friends, Angel doesn't know what to think. And when the fledge acts like the same old Xander, Angel realizes that something is very wrong.

Rated TEEN. Non-explicit slash. Sequel is rated ADULT


Kin of the Heart

When Xander has a little heart to heart with Angel, he inadvertantly changes the world by sharing a few truths. The most significant change is a slowly building relationship between Angel and the boy who taught him a few unpleasant truths about destiny and morality.

Rated: TEEN


Kin of the Soul WIP

High school is out, and Xander is struggling to find his path--first in Sunnydale and then in L.A. And the whole time, Angel is waiting in the wings and the PTB are lurking in the shadows. This new clan may find there's more lurking in the shadows than anyone knows.

Rated: ADULT, OTC (One True Clan)


Cost Benefit Analyzing

Long after the fall of the partners in LA and the closing of the Sunnydale Hellmouth, Xander wakes up to find himself in the hands of a man determined to change the balance of power... and willing to use Xander as the pawn he needs to get his way.

Rated: ADULT


Moon Magic (Harry Potter and Buffy)

Moon magic pulls Riley into a whole new world, and now it's Faith to the rescue. But when Faith is forced to work with Severus Snape, they discover they have more in common than anyone might expect.

Rated: TEEN


Wish Upon a Cheating Boy

Xander kissed Willow, Cordelia is humiliated, and Anya shows up right on cue. But when Cordelia makes a different wish... a wish that men weren't in control... a whole new universe is born. Femdom!

Rated: TEEN


The Magical Cage

When a dimension portal and a wormhole have an unfortuate collision, Jack discovers that there's more than meets the eye when it comes to the three misfits who come shooting out. And as they fight the goa'uld and a strange new alien influence, the very nature of the universe comes into question.

Rated: TEEN


Slash Short Stories Gen / Het Short Stories

Searching (Spike /Xander) Rated TEEN for sexual content
Revenge (Spike /Xander) Rated ADULT for sexual content, consent issues
'Til the End (Spike /Xander) Rated TEEN and really short
How About Me (Angel /Xander) Rated TEEN
Proclivity (Spike/Xander) Rated ADULT. It's the nature of a demon
Predatory Connections (Spike/Dexter) ADULT... seriously ADULT
All Dressed Up (Tara/Willow) ADULT for femslash
Love, Pimples, and Other Bad Things (Willow/OFC) SAFE
Paying for it (Lilah/Darla) ADULT for D/s femslash
Green Eyed Hope (Riley/Blair from the Sentinel)
Some Things Never Change (Spike/Xander) in a Firefly universe.
Some People Never Change - SAFE - Spike and Xander in the Firefly universe II
Geek Wars (BtVS/Stargate/Sentinel) The geeks pull out all the stops to get an ancient book of spells.

Father's Day (No Pairing) Angel and Xander talk
Unfortunately Right (No pairing) Rated TEEN for implied death
Necessary Evil (Spike/Buffy) Rated SAFE but very AU
Clinical Vampire Depression. Xander talks to Angel, SAFE
True Power (Faith/Temptation). TEEN
Metronome (Willow/Spike/Angel) Spike teases his lovers out of their funk
Drusilla Dances Through the Universe (Drusilla/various): het, femslash, & gen
Back End of a Yellow Crayon (Willow, Xander) Wish!verse
Random Musing on Dimension Shopping and Gravity (Lorne) Post-NFA
The Cost of Butterfly Kisses (Spike, Xander) Pre-soul, Spike finds a way to manipulate Xander
Tough Love -- Jim and Blair are sent to train officers in Sunnydale.
Ritual -- Buffy meets an alien predator, only she doesn't know she met one.
Flat Earth, Steamrollers and Other Theories -- Spike meets Abby (NCIS)
Human Nature -- Spike set into the world of Z for Zachariah
Fulfilling the Function--Xander should know better than to meet people over the Internet
Souls, Shoes, and Thieves--Cordelia meets a thief with her taste in shoes (Leverage)
Bespelled, Besotted-- Xander finds himself sucked into a spell with Willow and Angel
Pack Options Xander has a conversation with his hyena
Xander the Sacred Hunter Xander inherited powers, but maybe not the ones Giles tells him he has
No More Xander believes he's right. There's a kick if you know SG1




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